How This 25 Year Old Entrepreneur Traveled To 47 Countries For Nearly FREE

Yan Stavisski​ is self-made entrepreneur revolutionizing the financial education space via social media impacting the lives of thousands by teaching them the proper uses of credit and how to properly leverage it to their advantage from getting the best interest rates on your mortgage, to investing into real estate to produce passive income using the bank’s money, and so much more.

The numerous businesses ​Yan​ operates are mostly online or don’t require much physical presence by Yan himself and this allows him the freedom to be in any given location and still manage to run his daily business operations. “Freedom is the ultimate goal and creating businesses that do not require your physical presence for the most part is one step closer to meeting that goal and in 2020, it has never been easier to do so” Yan explains.

Yan has always had a passion for travel and since the age of 18, he has been visiting a new country nearly every other month. In 2019 alone, he’s taken over 140 flights and traveled to nearly 20 countries ! The crazy part is, he’s paying next to NOTHING for the flights, hotels, and car rentals during his travels. This is something called “Travel Hacking” and something Yan is known by the community to be a pro at.

Travel Hacking is the art of mastering the credit card reward system and how to maximize the sign-up bonuses, statuses, and points offered with each different credit card in order to use those for cheap or even free travel. Traveling to Thailand at the age of 18 and spending all of the $3,000 Yan had to his name was the beginning of his Travel Hacking journey. “ The experience of traveling the world, seeing other countries, cultures, meeting new people, and creating amazing memories was what got me hooked on traveling but having spent all the money I had at the time made traveling seemingly impossible, that is, until I learned about credit card points…” Yan says.

Yan​ explains that Travel Hacking is an ever-changing art and certainly takes some time to learn, however it is very worth it if you are someone who loves to travel, especially in luxury. The way to get your feet wet with Travel Hacking is by first having great credit (720+), learning the credit and travel reward system and it certainly helps to be creative. By the age of 22, Yan had nearly 25 credit cards and amassed millions of travel reward points and has traveled all around the world staying in the most luxurious hotels, airport lounges and flying business class on international flights all while spending almost $0 in the process.

“You certainly won’t learn any of this in college, especially because credit is surprisingly not a subject our education system prioritizes,” Yan says. Having two college degrees, Yan believes the education system is nearly useless, even for a lot of professions that legally require a college

education. “ Everything I learned and know today that allowed me to experience the levels of success I have now is by simply listening to people who are doing what I want to do and executing on that information,” Yan says. This education principal is something Yan applies to every aspect of life and suggests you do the same if success is what you’re after and not just a minimum-wage desk job with a seven-day one-time yearly vacation.

Yan​ lives with the belief that society conditions us to think a certain way about everything but in reality, a successful life requires you to go in the complete opposite direction of the ordinary way of doing things, and based on the success, freedom, and happiness Yan has already experienced in his life by the age of 25, we can certainly learn from him and implement a lot of his principals in our lives.

As a social media influencer in the space, Yan’s ​instagram​account is a great source of content to learn everything he does and teaches from credit, business, travel hacking, and much more.

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