Top Mobile Games to Try: From the Best Bingo Sites to Brawl Stars

There is one segment that has come close to rival the value of the mobile phone industry and that is mobile gaming. Video gaming has long been thought of as the sole preserve of people who enjoy playing behind a desktop computer. Yet, with the advancement of HTML5 and mobile technologies as a whole, mobile gaming has become a more viable path to many people looking to enjoy gaming on the go. Today, we take a look at three great mobile gaming hobbies, from the best no deposit bingo sites to award-winning mobile games, such as Brawl Stars, and more. Let’s have a closer look at the top gaming options for mobile phones.

#1 Cool Gaming Websites Where You Find Browser Games

There are many options to game and feel good online. One such option is to hop over to a website that hosts a lot of browser games. There are all sorts of online games you try. They have a very-low entry barrier and you will have no trouble finding one that best fits your needs.

For example, developers such as Zynga have really shone in the industry, courtesy of their award-winning games and ability to craft compelling products. There are also a lot of social elements and games such as Farmville on Facebook have defined generations and been eye openers as to what type of mobile gaming you can enjoy.

#2 Fully-Fledged Mobile Games from the App Store

One segment that has developed a lot in recent years is mobile gaming. We don’t mean those casual titles you can quickly play and close, but some that involve a little more attention. Supercell, the company behind Brawl Stars, has created many excellent titles.

They all stand out with the help of their awesome gameplay and intuitive mechanics. If you are not into shooters, then Brawl Stars won’t be your game. Yet, you can opt for some cool massive online battle arenas, such as Mobile Legends, for example, where you take over a character and try to defeat a team of similarly-skilled characters. Each character has a unique ability, allowing you to tailor your team composition and strategy any way you see fit.

#3 Desktop Games Ported for Mobile

With the rise of mobile gaming, desktop companies just couldn’t sit idle. Many, including Activision/Blizzard, have allocated resources into porting some of their best franchises on mobile. For example, Activision/Blizzard now offers both Call of Duty and Diablo for mobile, and Hearthstone has been available as a mobile game for years now.

Developers of the so-called “battle royale genre” have had mobile versions from almost the very start. Both Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have been two exceptional games that, even though requiring a little more in the way of system specifications, are some of the best mobile games you will play.

There is a good chance that more games are coming from the realm of desktop games, and when they do, there will be millions of players waiting.

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