To Veil or Not to Veil

When reflecting upon all of life’s special moments, weddings are usually at the forefront of one’s mind. Weddings represent the union of two individuals, as well as two families, transforming into a celebratory experience that binds people closer together. As a result, wedding photographs become an integral aspect of a couple’s history, which is precisely why the wedding aesthetics comprise a source of nearly endless debate, from the best flowers and most divine cakes all the way to the jewel in the crown itself: the bride. While the bride’s preliminary consideration is the dress, others soon follow, including 

Why Should I Wear a Veil?

For the modern, independent woman, it is natural to inquire as to the purpose of a veil. Veils have served an integral purpose in weddings, and their presence dates back to ancient Greek and Roman rituals. Both civilizations, known for their raucous, communal gatherings, made weddings an extraordinary affair. Then, weddings usually represented the strategic forging of families, rather than two individuals, yet the wedding remained as important then as it does today.

As time passed and religious influence grew, the veil took on additional significance, which tends to be off-putting to independent thinkers. Much in the same way progressive individuals contest the necessity of wearing white, similar arguments can be made for adorning a veil, as both previously represented the bride’s chastity, modesty, and virginity. As sexual norms have evolved since this time period, many women elect to eschew tradition entirely.

However, the traditional purpose does not negate the aesthetic appeal of the veil. Modern women have the freedom of choice, and incorporating classic apparel with progressive intention represents a perfect fusion of the best elements of the past and present. Megan Markle, an indisputably influential icon, embodied this fusion on the day she married Harry. Unapologetically progressive, she exuded self-confidence through selecting a magnificent Givenchy dress and classic veil, which was arguably one of the most stunning elements of her entire ensemble. Through this look, she simultaneously achieved timeless class and royal innovation.

How Can I Shop for a Veil?

Fortunately, if you decide to veil, abundant options exist for procuring wedding veils in NYC. Similar to how you can shop online for your dream wedding dress, you can also seek the perfect accompaniment: the veil.

Similar to conducting a search for wedding dresses, you can also select certain criteria for your ideal veil. For instance, you can begin by thinking about the overall size and length of your veil, including whether or not it is at walking length or cathedral length. From there, you can take into account other considerations, including whether or not to have a beaded edge or lace edge. Most compellingly of all, you can also filter by the veil tier and the embellishments, which truly render an original wedding aesthetic specific to you. 

Final Considerations

Ultimately, the decision to veil or not to veil is up to the bride. Recalling its romantic origins and traditional nature, it is important to remember that a veil enables enchanting mystery to surround the bride’s mesmerizing beauty. In an age when everything is on display, a veil offers a refreshing return to the feminine mystique. 

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