Some Common Signs That You Are suffering From Dry Eyes

2020 is the year of vision, and thus some vision trend is likely to follow. Ditch your boring spectacles and choose the most trendy, stylish spectacles from Okotoks Eyecare to get a sharp vision with some style. Wheather cats eye, brow line, or double bars, designer eyewear, is a new style. It is surely a blessing for those who want to wear trendy eye accessories. Vision issues bring us to dry eyes that occur due to the lack of tear film to produce lubrication in your eyes. It happens when there are not enough tears or poor quality of tears that are produced in your eyes. Your eyes may suffer through several issues when that happens. In this condition, it is better to see an expert for finding the solution before your issue gets further exaggerated.

Although dry eyes will not cause any permanent damage, you must make sure that your symptoms are not because of any severe underlying pathology. For this, it is advisable to call the vison specialists to come up with the final diagnosis so that the treatment can be started. Having said that, here are some signs that depict that you are suffering from dry eye syndrome: –

  1. Burning and stinging
  2. Redness
  3. Gritty and scratchy sensation
  4. String mucus in and around your eyes
  5. Difficulty while reading and driving
  6. Difficulty while wearing contacts
  7. Watery eyes as per the general health response
  8. Eye strain, pain or fatigue and much more

When to call an expert?

If you have been dealing with the above-mentioned symptoms, you should get yourself examined by the ophthalmologist. He will diagnose the cause of your trouble and then suggest a line of treatment to follow to resolve your issue. Dry eyes can occur as a result of inadequate tear production, imbalance in the composition of tears, or evaporation of tears. In every case, the presentation will be similar.

Cause of decreased tear production

  1. The age, especially over 50 years is more prone.
  2. Medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, lupus, thyroid disorders, scleroderma, and some others can be associated with dry eye syndrome.
  3. Eye surgery, like LASER, can also lead to temporary dry eyes in some cases. However, as time passes, it improves.
  4. Inflammation of tear glands is another such reason that can also result in dry eye syndrome.
  5. Some medications for some diseases like antihistamines, hormone replacement therapy, acne, Parkinson’s disease, decongestants, and others can also lead to this condition.

Cause for early evaporation of the tear

  1. Dry weather condition, smoke, windy climate.
  2. Decrease in blinking patterns when you are concentrating on something like reading, working on screens, or simply driving. In these situations, you forgot to blink as much as required and thus end up with the breakage in the tear film and often digital strain as well.
  3. Eyelid problems can prevent the eyes from closing completely, such as entropion and ectropion. This can lead to constant exposure of the eye with the surroundings, which leads to the breakage of the tear film.

Faulty composition of the tear film

  1. Since the tears are made of Oil, water, and mucus, any imbalance in their concentration can lead to dry eyes. This mostly happens when oil glands in your eyes get blocked. This situation mainly arises when the eyes are inflamed.

Prevention of dry eye

  1. Use lubricants
  2. Avoid direct air blowing in the eyes
  3. Consider wearing protective eyewear
  4. Take breaks while working
  5. Blink often
  6. Have a healthy diet
  7. Work in a comfortable climate
  8. Avoid smoke

These are some common representations of dry eye syndrome that the majority of people acknowledged in routine life. It is necessary that you take care of your diet and take all the necessary precautions for its management so that your eyes feel more comfortable. Although it does not lead to any severe complications, it can create hurdles in performing the regular task in your life. It can be managed easily with medications without any problem. We advise you to have scheduled your appointment right away.

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