Innovative Living Solutions Worth Considering

The world has to offer a wide range of different housing types to suit everyone’s needs and budget. Each year more and more houses and apartments are built to suit the needs of the residents, students, tourists and digital nomads.

You’re already familiar with houses and flats you can rent or buy, but what should you do if you want to experience a different and innovative way of living in each country you visit? Whether you want to settle down or temporarily experience something new, these innovative living solutions have got you covered.

1. Room renting

Not everyone can afford to rent a whole apartment, let alone the house. That’s why room renting is perfect for those with a smaller budget. This type of living is ideal for students who hate the idea of living in the dorm, but can’t afford to live on their own.

Rooms are usually lent by other students who need a roommate to share the cost of living in the apartment. Also, rooms can be lent by families who need an occasional sitter for their children. This concept is known as Au-Pair in Germany. You can use a living space for free, while you keep an eye on the kids for exchange, plus, you can experience living in the new country.

2. Garden apartment

Garden apartments are a dream come true for nature lovers. They are a peaceful, green oasis, hidden from the eyes of by-passers, in the middle of the busy streets of Rome or New York.

They are usually located on the ground floor of any building, with access to the back yard, which makes them ideal for smaller families with children or pet owners.  The building’s backyard is a common area, so the privacy may become an issue here. Additionally, some garden apartments may be below the ground level. So, before renting or buying one, make sure that they are at least ground level as living below the ground isn’t ideal.

3. Eco- houses

Ecology has gained popularity in the past few years. Over time, people are becoming more aware of the problems our current way of living is causing. That’s why many landlords have decided to build their apartments and houses in an eco-friendly manner. What does that mean?

Eco-houses are all about saving energy and recycling and reusing. Compost bins, recycle bins, LED lights and good insulation are just the beginning to creating a comprehensive eco-friendly property. If you care about reducing your carbon footprint, this type of housing in Netherlands is a match made in heaven for you.

4. Co-living space

Living a digital nomad life requires a lot of travelling. It would be unconventional to spend thousands and thousands of accommodation everywhere you go. So, instead of being a lone wolf in every new city you visit, consider living in a co-living space. What is that?

It’s a space where you can rent an apartment with a bathroom and kitchen, however, you’d have to share the office, gym and the community lot. It’s a property ideal for meeting like-minded individuals. It’s a great, economical and innovative solution for everyone who wants to work remotely and travel the world at the same time.

5.  Strata scheme

Like the idea of living in the co-living space? You’ll love the strata scheme. Strata is a growing concept of innovative community living in Australia. It’s a set of apartments, houses or buildings with a common property. You’d be the rightful owner of the apartment; however, you’ll share the ownership of the common property with other residents.

Sharing the common property means that you have to share the responsibilities and chores. To make sure that everything goes according to the plan, contact a reliable strata management from Sydney who can help you settle down the issues regarding the common areas. These professionals ensure that the property is insured and maintained. They are also experienced in giving advice and settling misunderstandings between two owners. Managers and experts make sure that you live a happy and peaceful community life.

6. Land

If nothing else works, buying a lot and building your dream house from scratch is an incredible choice for you. However, it’s one of the most expensive ways to create a living space.

In case your budget is tight, consider getting a prefabricated house. You need to be familiar with the concept of prefabricated houses before you buy your own. It’s a cheaper and more convenient way of living for everyone who requires privacy, peace and quiet. The best thing is that you can have them delivered anywhere in the world.


As society advances, needs for the living spaces increase. Not everyone finds joy in traditional ways of living. People are curious creatures who always strive for more knowledge and more comfort, so it’s not strange that innovative ways of living emerge.

As the world advances, find an adequate living space has never simpler. Give innovative ways of living a chance and you won’t be disappointed.

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