Why any film needs music? Where to find it?

Music, and sometimes songs for a movie, is like seasoning for a dish. Without them, you will learn the story, but you will not be able to fully enjoy it, try all the ingredients to the fullest, feel the subtle notes of taste. Music gives an opportunity to experience the whole taste of the plot. The most obvious and at the same time the main goal of musical accompaniment is to enhance the emotions of the viewer when watching various scenes. Each of us knows, remembers, sees that when something sad happens in the movie, a slow, calm melody plays, such as when parting between the lovers; when the maniac pursues the victim, intense music is heard that makes you worry; in comedies, places without jokes are sometimes filled with perky music so that the fun does not stop; when you need to convey a sharp change in mood, intense music can be replaced by victorious fanfares, which in turn can turn into a calm melody. If the viewer has a callous heart, and the actor does not have enough skill to reach the audience, then music can melt ice and come to the aid of the artist.

But how to choose music for Films and what it should be we will tell a little further…

Where to find music for the movie?

The main problem of directors when choosing a soundtrack for their own film, first of all, is the legality of acquiring music from a particular company. The issue of copyright concerns the legal side of filmmaking, compliance with laws and the belief that there will be no complaints about your film project. This is a very important topic, which needs to be approached as seriously as possible so that the entire work of filmmaking does not pass in vain.

Surely you are familiar with cases of video blocking on YouTube, where illegal audio recording was used. Google, the owner of this video portal, uses its search engine to detect illegal music. Copyright infringing sites are closing down, new laws are appearing – all this makes us more attentive to the choice of soundtracks for the film.

But there is always a way out. There are reliable music providers who are always ready to provide you with the desired track (and not one, if necessary) with a full package of rights to use it. This is very convenient, so remember and save these platforms:

Amazon free music

TakeTones royalty free music

Youtube Music free music

Creative commons

The use of music in cinema is a truly problematic issue for many filmmakers. The whole film is built on such a specific song, cinema workers often encounter something similar in their practice. Even more often we encounter situations when the project is completed, but there is “uncleaned” music in it. As a result, the film may appear at festivals, but after that it cannot be used in its original form. Nor can it bring money to its creators. How to avoid this?

Creative Commons is a licensing organization through which authors and copyright holders can distribute their works more widely and freely, and content consumers more easily and easily use these works. Since under copyright law in most countries of the world all rights belong to the authors automatically, Creative Commons makes it possible to transfer some rights to the public through a family of off-the-shelf licenses recognized by the legal laws of many countries. On the above sites you can find a work under these licenses.

Thanks to Creative Commons, there are great opportunities for beginners in the film industry to use a variety of music for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Copyright Term

Any music has its own author, who has the right to decide where, how and when to use his work. At the same time, the most popular performers require huge fees, which sometimes cannot be paid even to the largest film companies. Recently, the EU has changed the rules for transferring musical works into public ownership. The EU has agreed to extend the term of copyright from 50 to 70 years.

In America, authors of musical works have the right to receive deductions for them throughout their lives, and their heirs – for 70 years after their death.

Moreover, even if you want to use the classical music of Beethoven, Vivaldi or Strauss, which lived many years ago and do not fall under the copyright law, you have another difficulty: this work is performed by musicians with whom you also need to solve a couple of legal issues. You need to find someone who will play the classics and give up their exclusive recording rights. Nevertheless, even TakeTones, has worked on this issue, and now provides everyone with high-quality classical music.

There are films that simply cannot be imagined without music, because it is sometimes more important than replicas of actors, music conveys to us all the coolness of the characters. We are sure that you yourself know such films as The Fast and the Furious, Drive, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Inglorious Basterds, The Dark Knight and many others.

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