How can you make some extra/side money?

Whether you just boost your monthly income, some more savings for retirement, or just trying to get out of duty, you can always find the best time to think that how you can make some extra money.

With a set schedule, it’s very difficult to do a part-time job. In today’s gig economy, you can find flexibility everywhere.

Sell your clothes which are used gently.

If there are some clothes in your wardrobe that you no longer wear, then it’s the fastest way to make some money. If you want to get faster cash, then start with some local consignment shops, you can also use websites such as Poshmark and ThredUp to search buyers. Make sure to take a clear route if you select the online one. Do research about the related items to fix the competitive price and also upload the pictures of your pieces.

Electronics for cash, trade-in old phones

If you have an old gaming system, iPad, or phone lying around you, then you can also sell it on a website like NextWorth and Swappa. You can also try eBay and Amazon for this purpose. And if you want cash as soon as possible, then try an ecoATM.

You can also rent out your parking spot.

The parking spot is a much-needed thing, especially in a rushed or crowded area. If you have a dedicated or driveaway spot and you don’t use it anymore, then you can also rent it on some service such as Craigslist. If you belong to an association of homeowners or renter, you just need to validate that your space is allowed.

Become a dog sitter or dog walker

If you like dogs a lot but can’t be able to get a dog for your own, then you can also solve this issue by becoming a dog sitter or dog walker. It will provide you both a dog and some cash. You can do this work when your schedule allows you on apps such as Wag, which provide the service of dog walking on-demand. You can also provide overnight dog boarding if your landlord allows (if you’re on rent) or have your own space. The companies like usually provide their dog sitters $24-$35 per night, for pet-sitting

Get work as a house sitter

If you’re able and willing to watch the house of someone (and maybe take out garbage, water the plants, and feed the pets), then you can also become a house sitter. For referrals, you can try on and search in your personal network. Generally, people are making $25-$45 per day, according to the website of the company.

Test apps and websites

If you give your opinion about how not so good or good the certain apps and websites worked, then sites like will pay you for this. If you want to be selected, then you just need to pass a simple test; after that, they pay you $10 for every test of 20 minutes.

Sell gift cards that are unused.

For this purpose, you can use sites such as Giftcard Zen or Cardpool. You can sell unused gift cards there, and Cardpool also provides you money on the spot because they have cahier-assisted and kiosks locations.

For the money, you can also do surveys

By taking online surveys, you can make small side money. Usually, the survey sites don’t provide a huge payoff until you give them a lot of time. There are many survey sites, but Global Test Market and Swagbucks are most famous among them.

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