Are Electric Lawn Mowers Worth Your Investment?

You can spend a lot of cash for a gas propelled mower and enjoy the power, portability, and excellent cutting results. But, what about the roaring sound and carbon emissions. Maybe you can try an electric mower, especially if you own a small to medium-sized lawn.

Corded and cordless models have not taken over the market, but they are efficient, powerful, and hence suitable for home gardens. However, the real question remains intact. What are the advantages of electric mower over traditional gas-dependent models? Well, let’s talk about the same here.

Why consider an electric mower?

Electric mowers do not have a complex structure comprising multiple internal components, which makes them reliable and easy to maintain. Whether you are using a corded or cordless version of lawnmowers, you can keep them functional simply by regular cleaning after every usage. These machines never produce much noise like gas-powered models. It means none of your family members or neighbors will complain about the irritating sound while you maintain the lawn.

A corded mower is easy to use machine, where you only need a power outlet. If you own a medium-sized property, then use an extension box to cover the entire area. On the other hand, cordless mowers do not have any strings attached. However, the maximum runtime of a battery dependent mower is up to 60 minutes. So, such machines are suitable for small areas. You can purchase a spare battery for larger grounds. Keep in mind that electric mowers are comparatively less powerful than gas propelled mowers.

What is the horsepower of an electric mower?

Most of the electric mowers generate up to one horsepower, which simply means that they cannot deal with lawn grasses that are growing for more than two weeks. On the other hand, gas propelled options churns out up to 4 HP. Electric mowers have comparatively with limited power, but they are easy to start, offers convenient usage, and are eco-friendly.

Moreover, non-gas models seek minimal maintenance and the operational cost is also comparatively lower than the powerful gas-dependent versions. Keep in mind that some of the corded and cordless models cannot deal with long grasses. So, it’s recommended to use such a mower every week otherwise it will not provide you the desired cutting results.

What is the maximum weight of electric mowers?

Another positive side of electric mowers is their weight. Both corded and cordless models are lightweight, ergonomically designed, and hence, all the individuals can maneuver them easily. Even if you are not physically very strong, you can conveniently deal with an electric variant.

As we stated earlier, you don’t have to invest much effort in the maintenance of such machines. So, there is less kneeling and bending involved as well. On the other hand, gas propelled mowers are heavy and tough to start, especially when they come out of the winter storage.

Are electric mowers easy to repair?

You can easily fix an electric mower until and unless there is a fault in its motor or battery. If the battery is damaged or exhausted due to age, then you need to purchase a new one. In case the motor is faulty, it’s better to purchase a new machine.

If you own a small or medium-sized land up to 1/3 acre, then you can try one of the best electric mowers. For instance, Greenworks 25142 is a high rated corded lawnmower and Greenworks 25322 is a great option for gardeners looking for a high-quality cordless model.

What are things to check before buying an electric mower?

Consider the battery power or cable’s length first. Look for maximum height adjustment levels. What is the size of your lawn? You need to find something that covers the entire area without any hassles. For instance, Greenworks 25322 is a suitable mower for areas up to 400 m2.


Try an electric lawnmower if you own a small or medium-sized yard. Dealing with a petrol engine, its noise, pollution, and maintenance are not worth for a small piece of land. A corded or cordless version might be inferior in terms of power, but not with all the models. Due to advancement in technology, you can get gas like performance from electric mowers as well.

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