How to make your own face mask with your favorite patterns?

What if your face mask have your favorite patterns on it? It would be great to wear such an accessory as it is part of our life now. Be inspired by your creativity through photo-art and design your own unique personalized patterns. Or, surprise others with extraordinary joy and give away a piece of art on masks which are a necessity nowadays and keep your loved ones prevented from any virus.

There are masks available in the market and even online. These masks might be made of delicate neoprene and are secured with comfortable textured straps. Face masks are ordinarily made of a delicate inward layer made of cotton for greatest comfort, the strap, and the nose frame are flexible for a perfect fit on your mouth. Both masks are machine washable in a warm cycle that could range up to 60 ° C and can be reused.

In any case, the NEO mask can also be sterilized in an oven or microwave.

There are organizations where custom masks have not been scientifically tested and are not aiming for medical use, such as in the treatment or anticipation of illness.

Disposable sanitary cloth, paper, and face masks to cover your face

There are several options for face masks available. It is seen that for starters, the most professional sanitary masks with high bacterial and viral filtration, which are recommended for healthcare professionals to reduce cross-contamination, protect, and minimize the risk of infection. They are placed on the face with strong elastic bands to fit well, protecting the nose and mouth. These masks may have availability problems at this time due to the high demand due to the alarm situation caused by the crisis of the coronavirus COVID-19.

Do you want to design your own face mask? It is great to free printable face mask pattern pdf online for this purpose.

How do masks help prevent a virus?

Face masks help prevent the transmission of a virus by covering the airways (mouth and nose), one of the main entries of this pathogen in our body. Even so, the hands play the most important role and it is necessary to take additional measures so that the protection is absolute. Masks are essential to slow transmission and protect not only ourselves but for others as well.

How can protective cloth masks be customized?

The technique used is sublimation, which allows you to print your logo or design in full color on the custom face mask. In addition, some of our models allow you to choose the color of the fabric, so you can customize it even more. Make your brand be present taking care of your customers and employees.

How to wash the reusable masks according to the Ministry of Health?

The Ministry recommends various methods to disinfect the masks. The main one is to wash the cloth masks with normal detergent and water, at a temperature between 60ºC and 90ºC, which will allow you to sterilize them and be able to use them again. Other methods include using bleach, but it is not recommend it on custom masks because it could damage the design and discolor it.

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