High Speed Internet Options in the United States

Have you ever thought about the moments when your internet speed drops and you have to either wait for it to get back up or somehow make do with it! You haven’t right? Because good internet speed is everything, whether you are streaming videos, play games online or work from home. Having a reliable cable internet connection can solve most of your worries that are due to the prevailing situation with Covid-19 and people getting locked inside their houses. Internet becomes the only available entertainment provider and if your internet is giving you troubles, you might want to consider a different internet provider.

Internet speed

Our routers and computers communicate data in the form of packets. If you have an internet connection with better ‘throughput rate’. What is throughput? It is defined as the number of bits transferred from the sender to receiver, a high throughput would mean that you are transferring more packets in a small amount of time, hence it effects your internet speed. Simply, “The ability to transfer volume of data between a connection and the time spent is known as internet speed”.

For example, for video streamers, if you had to watch just a few seconds of a video and wait for minutes to let it buffer, this would definitely ruin your mood and you don’t want that right? A high-speed internet connection solves every problem related to delays and makes this experience smoother.

Did you know that there are ways to test your internet connection? There are computer applications and even online websites to test the speed of your internet. You can then compare these stats with the website requirements of famous internet services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon to know your internet connection’s compatibility with them and get the most out of it.

Upstream and downstream

After getting your value from the internet test. You would see values like upload speed and download speed. These values play an important role in defining your internet’s reliability. Upload speed means the rate at with you transfer your data to the internet. Download speed means the rate at which you are receiving data from a website to your devices. Usually your internet plan includes a higher downstream rate and a relatively lower upstream rate. This is because major home internet activities are streaming videos, music or browsing social media, all “downloads”. If you are someone who requires an increased upload speed because of your work or gaming activities, you should either look for an ISP (Internet Service Provider) who provides better upstream values or even reconsider your internet plan.

High speed options in the United States

  • AT&T: Major Internet service provider in Austin and Fayetteville
  • DISH: Colorado Springs and Austin
  • Google Fiber: Mostly in Austin and its surroundings.
  • Spectrum: Austin
  • Century link: Colorado Springs, Denver, Des Moines

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