Choosing the right jewelry

Purchasing the perfect jewelry is the second critical thing after you have chosen the perfect outfit for you.

Countless jewelry styles are available in the market, but some can go wrong with the outfits. According to a study, women spend 90 minutes a week to choose what to wear. Choosing the right jewelry that suits your personality as well as goes right with your dress can be challenging. Here are some tips which can help and guide you about choosing the right jewelry for you.


The most critical factor is the scale of your fashion jewelry and accessories. It would be best to choose simple jewelry when you are wearing designed dresses. Heavy jewelry with pattern dress can create a mess. Make sure the jewelry does not mix with the design of your dress in case you are wearing sequined, embroidered, or ruffled outfits.

However, the scale and shape of the bag you are carrying is also important. You should consider the shape of your body as well. It looks good when tall girls carry small-sized clutches. Small-sized women should avoid carrying oversized and big bags. They can better handle handbags with long straps. However, extra large-sized women look good with medium-sized bags or the bags having boxy appearance.

Setting your preferences

Determining the style we want to adopt is quite necessary. Avoid trying to make every part attractive as you can attract the attention of others by your dress, shoes, or jewelry. You cannot have the same effect by three of them. The combination of diamond earrings with an inflated collar of a blouse will look gorgeous. So, before you select the jewelry to wear, you need to check your outfit, your requirements, and your outfit’s requirements. You can visit Judaica webstore if you’re looking for great jewelry.

Statement earrings can help to increase the appearance of your face 

The dress has its importance in choosing the earrings and jewelry, but if you want the audience to get attracted to your face, you will seriously need to wear glittery and shiny statement earrings.

The shape of your face can also help you choose the right earrings. Focus on the shape of your face to wear the earrings that suit you. The women who have rounded or heart-shaped faces should wear drop earrings, whereas the diamond studs or triangular earrings can go best with the women having an oval face. 


The color of jewelry should not mix with the color of your dress. It would be great to wear colored jewelry when you are wearing white, neutral, or black colored dresses.

The primary and secondary colors are of great importance as they work similarly to each other when they are matched with the same extent of darkness or lightness. You all have known that primary colors are red blue and green; however secondary colors are the colors that come by the mixing of two or more primary colors such as red and yellow mix to form orange color. So you should consider the color while choosing the right jewelry and outfit for you.

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