New Exciting Track Is Coming Up From Persian Pop Star Bardia Sadeghi

Bardia Sadeghi has recently started his singing career after working with many professionals in the music industry.

He’s been working with many famous Persian and on Persian singers and band on their album as percussionist.

Some of his work in few albums :



Atash e Eshgh





Coffee shop – Vanda

Bi gharar

And etc …

Now his professionally working on his own pop music and collaborating with his brother Reza Sadeghi at his Studio East West Track  in Vancouver.

Many of his songs has been played over and over oh many Persian radio stations.

Some of his work

Panic Not :

Bardia Sadeghi Ft. Reza Sadeghi and Lil Precious. 

Ye Donya Miyarzeh ;

Bardia Sadeghi Ft. Reza Sadeghi

Day and Night (Rooz o Shab)

Bardia Sadeghi Ft. Ghazal

Baghalam Kon:

Bardia Sadeghi Ft. Mahtab

Che Sakhteh

Bardia Sadeghi Ft. Reza Sadeghi

Eshghe Man: (Coming soon)

Bardia Sadeghi

Beside the music career ,

Bardia has been host of one the famous Persian TV show in Vancouver from Parvaz TV fro many years with his brother Reza and directed by Majid Mahichi. This tv show was on air for few years on City Tv in Vancouver on every Sunday. 

Now he’s going back with his brother Reza  on their  new tv show called Chel Tikeh which is directed by Majid Mahichi and Sharareh Soltani. 

Bardia is working on his few upcoming tracks which is going to be Place in Vancouver soon.

Make sure to check out the links below and stay tuned with Persian pop star

Follow Bardia here:

Listen to Bardia’s songs here:

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