How to Travel with Your Baby in Airplane? Here are 7 Things

No one wants to be stuck next to a crying baby on a plane. And that includes the child’s parents. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make the trip with your child as pleasant as possible. Here are 7 things you need to get before you travel with baby on that airplane. We’ll also explain why these items make such a difference when you’re traveling with children.

01. Extra Pacifiers

One of the reasons why children cry so much on airplanes is due to the ear pain caused by pressure changes. Your child doesn’t know that they need to work their jaw to relieve internal pressure differences. Crying may eventually solve the problem, but no one is happy with that, least of all your child.

The solution is pacifiers, if your child uses one. The sucking will equalize internal pressure, relieving ear pain. And extra pacifiers ensure that your child has something to soothe with even if they drop one.

02. Pre-prepared Formula

If your child is hungry, they’re hungry. Don’t make them wait for a stewardess to heat up some water to mix formula in. Eliminate the potential mess for yourself, too, with a better alternative. Pick up containers of already mixed, single serve formula. When your child is hungry, open the top and stick on a nipple.

You don’t have to worry about keeping pre-made formula refrigerated, and it will be ready instantly. Even carry two or three servings for toddlers so they have something familiar and healthy to drink on a flight. It may be the best thing to settle them down for the night.

03. Extra Diapers and Wipes

One benefit of having a child in diapers is that you don’t have to take them to the lavatory. On the other hand, they will generate dirty diapers.

Always carry more diapers and wipes than you think you need. Then you’re able to handle a child who has diarrhea or a destination that doesn’t sell your preferred brand of diapers in the nearby store.

04. A Travel System

A travel system can take two main forms. One is a car seat that can double as a plane seat. If you have a compatible stroller, you could carry your child from car to plane with almost no interruption. They could even sleep through the entire process. Then all you have to do is find a storage location for the folded up stroller.

Note that many airlines will charge you a fee for bringing such equipment onboard unless it can fit in the overhead bin. Another option is a luggage carrier that has a built-in seat for toddlers. This allows you to strap in a child as you roll across the concourse.

A third approach is a baby carrier like those described at If your child stays in Mom’s arms, you don’t have to buy a seat for them. And there will be less fuss, because there is nothing unfamiliar.

A baby wrap has the added benefit of allowing you to use the lap restraints properly, if your child is situated correctly.

05. Bring New Toys

A great way to distract children from their new confinement or the confusing situation is to present them with a new toy. They’ll be thrilled with the new toy, and it can entertain them for quite a while.

Note that you need to bring other entertainment that is hard to lose or break like board books, stuffed animals and all-in-one toys.

06. Extra Clothes

Parents often try to wrap their children in two or more layers to keep them warm, while others want to save on the luggage fees. This is a mistake. Your child can’t regulate their body heat as well as an adult.

Furthermore, they’re going to make the same messes they always do and need to be changed. If you normally pack one spare outfit, pack at least three in your bag.

This has the side benefit of giving you extra clothes in case your main luggage is lost.

07. Your Own Child-Friendly Snacks

There are several reasons you want to bring your own, child-friendly snacks. The airline may prefer to give your child sweet snacks that are bad for their teeth or salty ones that make a child thirsty. You must bring your own snacks if your child has food intolerances.

A side benefit of bringing snacks for your child is that you can include something you can eat on the flight.


Flying with a young child doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With a little preparation, you can make it as fun for them as it can be for you.

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