How To Clean LED TV Screen

Your LED TV is an expensive piece of technology and therefore it is imperative that you keep it free from dust and grime. Suppose in your busy schedule, you could not take the right care for your LED TV, the TV would get smirched with dirt and grime and before you know it, you would find that the picture quality has deteriorated because you could not take the right care of your LED TV screen. Cleaning of the TV screen can be done in a few effective steps. If you follow the right steps, your LED TV can be kept as good as new for years to come.

Cleaning the LED TV screen can be effectively done following the steps mentioned below.

Wipe the Screen with The Right Cloth

While you consider cleaning your LED TV screen, the first step is to wipe off the dust and grime with the help of a right cloth. Now the question is what cloth would you choose to wipe off the dirt and grime from the LED TV screen. The best thing that is handy to clean off the dirt and grime is your old and used T-shirt.

The cotton T-shirt is the choicest material which you can use to clean off the dirt and grime off the LED TV screen. If you do not have a cotton T-shirt handy, you can use any cotton cloth which is non-abrasive and hence do not cause any scratches to your TV screen.

Take the cloth and apply gently on the screen, rubbing the screen in a small circular movement so that the dirt and grime comes off. Take care that you do not apply too much force while wiping the screen. If you apply pressure, the sensitive sensors might get damaged.

Apply A Cleaning Solution on The Cloth

The next step to clean your LED TV screen is applying the cleaning solution. The ideal cleaning solution is mild soap and warm water. Here you must be cautious on one point that you do not apply the cleaning solution directly on the screen.

If you apply the cleaning solution directly on the screen, it can leave a smudge which it will be difficult to remove afterwards. It can even damage the sensitive sensors on your screen.

The best solution is to apply the cleaning solution on a piece of non abrasive cotton cloth and apply them gently on the LED TV screen. Make circular movement and apply gently on the screen and it would wipe off the remaining dirt and grime off the screen. Finally, wipe the screen dry and wait a few minutes before you switch on the TV calibration again.

LED TV For Kid’s Room

As you deserve to watch your favorite series, movies or an exciting sports tournament in your favorite LED TV in your drawing room, your kids too deserve to watch their cartoon series or the kid’s movie on their own LED TV. Suppose you are watching your favorite series and your kid comes and insists that it is his time to watch his favorite cartoon, you find yourself in a dilemma as to whether you sacrifice your entertainment for your child’s happiness. The best way to resolve the problem is to buy a LED TV for your kids themselves.

There are various models available in the market, but before you choose you should keep certain facts into consideration. The following are a few points you should consider before buying a LED TV for your kids.

Buy A Medium Sized LED TV

Unlike the big screen LED TV that you have bought for yourself and installed in your living room, you should consider buying a medium-sized LED TV for your kid’s room. Don’t buy too small a TV because that can affect the vision of your kids. You should choose the middle path and buy a medium-sized LED TV for your kids.

Go for Picture Clarity

As you deserve to gaze at the state-of-the-art picture quality while you watch your favourite series, your kids too deserve to get the best quality picture for their favourite cartoon. Go for the LED TV that offers more pixels so that the clarity of the picture is as sharp and highly defined as you can get. There are various technologies available in the market, but before you buy, you should make sure that that the technology is not hurting their eyes in anyway.

Check the Sound Quality

Clarity of the sound received is another factor that should be kept into consideration. While many companies promise a crisp and clear sound, you have to make sure that the tone and the bass are not hurting their ears in any way. It is advisable to listen to the minimum and maximum of the sound yourself before deciding to buy and installing it into the kid’s room.

Check the Color Quality

While you are buying LED TV for your kid’s room, you should keep a watch that the colour on the screen is suitable for the eyes of your children. Some TVs expose a more gaudy colour that can hurt the eyes of your child.

Lastly, it should be mentioned that if you are thinking of installing a LED TV in your kid’s room, you should discipline your kids so that they maintain a regime while watching TV.

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