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Do you see that girl who’s looking at? She is not necessarily beautiful but she has this “trick” which distinguishes her from the others. This thing? The style. It is “fashion”. It’s not just a look, it’s an attitude. You can feel it in your pumps, in your clothes, and therefore in your head. She does not seem to care about others, is not afraid of daring. This girl, do you dream of looking like her? Here are easy tips to “be fashionable” without giving up on yourself.

Keywords? Subtlety and “getting out of your comfort zone”. Yes, we will have to show a little courage to dare to go snooping around the garish prints that you flee to throw yourself on beige-blue-black because it goes with everything, for everything. To test in the secrecy of your room associations of clothes which you would not have thought of. Or this red spicy lipstick superb on others but “not for me”.

Subtlety because no girl who has “allure” is a fashionista who superimposes all the signed it-pieces of the season. There is you, your look, which sets the backdrop for your outfit. To which will be added fashionable little “candies” which will bring spice, the unexpected. Of style.

Above all, therefore, do not compile all these tips from head to toe but peck according to your feeling and keep only a few. A piece of clothing, hairstyle, a bold make-up, a well-felt accessory is enough to change everything.

Finally, no ready-made formula here. No tedious and irrevocable rule (nothing is more likely than to bypass them). Rather tips. Easy little things that work. Quick and well.

Let’s check the tips!


For natural styling with maximum volume, the expert advises to “dry the hair at 90% before making a part with a large comb and to heat the roots with a hairdryer in order to detach them. The operation is to practice on the whole head until the desired volume is obtained. The second option consists of applying scratch rolls to dry hair, lacquering, and drying them with a hairdryer. After a 10-minute break, the hair has a bluffing bulk “.


In hairdressing, the bangs have proven themselves for years. Many women have adopted it and still do. We play with her bangs as with a full-fledged beauty accessory. However, before getting started, it is important to find the right style and length for your face, then know how to do it well. You can also check human hair wigs for styling.


Exit serums, mousses, and other lacquers, “care must be limited as much as possible since they tend to weigh down. If they are damaged, there are masks for fine hair to apply only on the ends in order to keep lightness. In terms of styling products, thermo-protective creams are ideal: they hydrate the hair fiber and protect it from the heat of the hairdryer or straighteners, mousse or another styling with alcohol that dries out the hair fiber. “


A fine hair is without holding, “by nature it lacks volume or when there is, it does not hold” explains hairstylist. This is where the hands of the hairdresser come in because you need a cut suitable for this type of hair. The secret? Bet on a gradient. “The objective is to structure the cut as much as possible with a gradient which, through an optical effect, will give volume. It is best to opt for short or half-long cuts (at the bottom of the neck) a bit wild. Thanks to this gradient, the effect is thwarted. It also prevents hair from becoming poorer over time. “

For addicts of long hair, a light gradient or weave hair is to be preferred. Indeed, for a stylist, artistic director “there must be no demarcation or staircase effect because it is a question of obtaining a natural result, which is an effective tool. It’s also best not to touch the lengths too much to avoid the rat tail effect. “

Finally, to bring pep to your hair, our experts agree that a large wick on the front of the face boosts the hairstyle. She considers that it “structures the cut and gives volume “while Hairstylist even advises adopting the bangs “a real bang that gives personality to the hairstyle “.

As much, maybe even more, than an outfit, hairstyle and makeup can sign a look.


Either: the less you do (or the less you seem to do), the better. The secret that women around the world envy “Parisian”? Her unprepared look: wild hair like out of bed, glowy nude complexion. And on the look side, no overlays of the latest trends of the season, no total flashy look. Less. Low.

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