The Many Benefits of Odor Trapping and Locking Stash Bags

What’s your favorite marijuana aroma?

Whether you like fruity mango or a classic piney smell, it’s the terpenes found in marijuana plants that determine what your bud will smell like. There are over 150 different terpenes, and some are so strong you can smell your marijuana even when it’s tucked away!

If you’re looking to hide the smell of your weed, you’re in for a treat. To help out bud enthusiasts like yourself, we’ve created a short guide to introduce you to the world of stash bags.

Read on to find out why you need a stash bag, sooner than later.

Keep Weed Fresh Longer

Did you know that you should store weed in a cool, dark place? When you store weed correctly it’ll stay fresh longer, and you’ll avoid losing any THC content.

Stash boxes and bags are an ideal way to keep your weed in an optimal environment. You’ll be protecting your stash from all of the natural elements that could compromise your weed’s potency.

Light, heat, and air are all bad things to expose weed to if you’re trying to maintain freshness. Luckily, by tucking your weed away in a stash box, it’ll stay potent much longer. Plus, the materials found in stash boxes and bags are usually non-stick, making handling your weed easier than ever.

Make Working out More Fun

Imagine, getting in an outdoor workout and then celebrating with a smoke session. Instead of weighing yourself down with a large backpack, now you can get a stash bag that looks like a fanny pack.

These designs usually have a breathable mesh material that will rest against your body. You can wear the stash bag during your workout, and have everything you need with you when it’s time to unwind.

Variety of Stash Bags

Stash bags are a popular item, so you’ll have plenty of different designs to choose from. For instance, Stashlogix offers bags of different colors, shapes, and sizes. Having a lot of options means you can be picky, searching for the perfect bag that compliments your sense of style.

Safety and Security

Are you afraid of friends smoking your stash when you’re not there? Well, worry no more! Now, there are stash bag options that also come with locks.

Having a stash bag that locks means you’ll be able to safely store items such as medication away from children. However, make sure you look for a company that’s offering high-quality locks to ensure the lock will work every time.

Smell Proof Container

A good stash bag will have different compartments. One of the compartments will have a smell proof bag, and this is where you’ll keep your bud.

The other compartments won’t be smell-proof, however, they’ll help you keep things organized and safe. If you’re going to be using your stash bag at home, we suggest you get a hardshell case. Now you can store other important items, like a glass pipe, in a break-proof spot.

Play It Safe

Congratulations! Now you know a few of the top benefits stash bags have to offer.

We hope our article will inspire you to protect what’s yours and keep your bud fresh! For more articles like this one, check out the rest of this site.

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