Popular People Who Met Their Partners Through Online Dating Apps

So I recently stumbled upon a certain Shoot Your Shot app during a Google search and my curiosity won’t stop getting the better of me. Dwayne Foreman, the founder of this app, says people can now shoot their shots on their love interests without fear of rejection or prejudice.

“Unbiased” is the keyword that describes this dating app in the words of the founder. Having read a round about the app, I started wondering how possible it would be to find love on the internet through dating apps. Next, I launched a search and boy, was Dwayne right? Bet he is. There is a good number of people who found their partners through dating apps. Celebrities are not left out, and we’ll be talking about them shortly

Let’s be realistic. This is the 21st century. Folks like you and I go about our business in a busy schedule that finding a date or partner may not seem easy. This is also the same with celebrities and the world’s most popular people. This shows that these influential people and celebrities are also ordinary people like you and I. Love is important to them as well.

Now, there is this belief that relationships that begin on the internet are going to be short-lived, some celebrity couples who met on these apps have shown that this stereotype is wrong. Some of these relationships have become long-term relationships with some of them even leading to marriage, if you are one of them or at the initial stage so I would recommend taking a quiz named does she like me and you will get the difference between liking or loving.

Let’s look at this short list of celebrities who met their partners or spouse on dating apps are as follows:

Amy Schumer and Ben Hanisch:

You, know right? Yea, me too. This celebrated comedian, Amy, and Ben, met on the celebrity-dating app called Raya. Remember that Raya is a celebrity-dating app with exclusive membership. They couple who met in this app were so much in love as Ben was the first match Amy got on the dating app. They couple attended events in each other’s hands and they got their good thing going as they stayed together for about a year and half before they called it quits for undisclosed reasons.

Carrie Ann Inaba & Jesse Sloan:

The “dancing with the stars” judge Carrie and her accountant met on the dating app called eHarmony. The couple was known to have dated for quite a long while and were so into each other that they got engaged even though it didn’t lead to marriage. But it was great fun while it lasted for the both of them

Ryan Lochte and Kayla Rae Reid:

This is love made on tinder folks. The Olympian and swimmer, Ryan had met this damsel on tinder and once the duo was matched, cupid struck. Things really clicked for them and a relationship blossomed from their Tinder chat. The lovebirds even got married in 2018 therefore solidifying what started as an online date. They really brought their little adventure on the dating app to as desired fruition. Cool right?

Lauren Bushnell and Devin Antin:

Heads-up folks. It’s another Tinder love story. The star of The Bachelor, Lauren got matched on the dating app with Devin. However, the duo did not meet until 2 years after when Lauren moved back to Los Angele, California. And when they met, the fire of love they lit on Tinder was fanned into flames. 2 long years! I guess good things are quite worth waiting for.

Adam Rippon and Jussi-Pekka Kajala

Adam is a well-decorated figure skater and an Olympic champion. He got matched with his heartthrob on Tinder and to spill the tea, this was while he was in Finland for a competition. It would seem that the ballsy move of Jussi was what caught Adam’s emotional attention even when he had a great task ahead of him. The love chemistry between the Olympian and the real estate guy has been very cool as Adam is quoted in an interview saying his boyfriend may be the one.

Mayor Pete  Buttigieg and Chasten Buttigieg (Nee Glezman)

The Hinge celebrity couple is the name that they were given due to where they met. The duo met on the dating app, Hinge in 2015 while Pete was still in office as the mayor of Indiana and Chasten was a High School teacher. The love between them was so strong that in 2017, the couple announced their engagement and on 16th June, 2018 the couple got married in a closed ceremony at The Cathedral of St. James.

Larvene Coxand Kyle Dapper:The transgender Emmy nominee and star of the Orange is the New Blackalso shared that she met her boyfriend on the dating app called Tinder. In this reveal, she disclosed that they were so much in love with each other and made several public appearance hand in hand. Their relationship lasted from 2017-2019 before the duo called it quits in tears after some deep soul searching.

So you see? These apps work. You just need the right one and to the right persons. I’ll like to end in the words of Dwayne Foreman, a fast-rising name in the online dating industry “Now, more than ever, you could easily shoot your shots at your love interest from the comfort of your home. There is near zero risk of embarrassment. If you are accepted, carry on. If you are rejected, no one would know. The only one stopping you from shooting your shot now is you!”

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