Does Business Interruption Insurance Cover COVID-19 Corona virus?

In recent times, the pandemic Corona virus has made the whole world be in a state of confusion. As of now, there is no preferable solution to the virus. Although the World Health Organization has been trying their best to provide a cure after which the virus has affected several countries.

Different organizations and notable bodies have started the remote working process, and this made everyone work from their comfort zone. Online stores, automobile industry, manufacturing industry, tourist centers, gym, and other event place was restricted by the government to avail the spread of the deadly virus affecting human.

Besides, those that operate the private limited liability company are finding it challenging to earn money because the virus has affected their business. Moreover, the public liability company and joint organization may continue to make a profit because of their endless insurance strategy.

So, the question is, does business interruption insurance cover COVID-19 Corona virus? How does Business cope with the virus? These are the questions we have highlighted with preferable solutions in this article. Read further to understand the full context and all that it entails.

What Business interruption Cover And How It Applies To Corona virus

We all know that business interruption simply means the process of ensuring a business against loss of income during a situation that causes for emergency or unexpected event. So, in the case of this pandemic Corona virus, the whole explanation is different.

Normally, a company can be insured against risk or damages if it has the whole company flooded or damaged by fire. Although some policy provides a solution when a company premises is damaged by any means of an emergency outbreak. Therefore, does business interruption insurance cover COVID-19?

The answer to the question above is very simple and straightforward. Basically, the business interruption insurance is meant to provide a solution to physical damage, but many people now interpret the context in another way.

A lot of people now see it as intangible damage affected by the closure of business as a result of the global pandemic Corona virus. So, companies should consult their broker for a detailed description of their insurance policy.

Steps to Take

However, various insurers may seek to argue the fact that business interruption covers Corona virus, but the result seems unclear as there is no provision for that. Also, we are not aware of any insurance company and law backed up with a global pandemic. So, if you finally got covered by one, there are certain things you need to put into consideration. Check below for details.

  • Ensure you comply with the stated rules and regulations by the insurance company
  • Provide the necessary proof and evidence of the loss incurred during the period of the global pandemic.  This will be calculated, and the company may establish a provision for damage suffered.
  • Remember that after the first and second step is taken into consideration, the scope of coverage will be subjected to a limit after you might have provided details of your documents.

On the other hand, a loss or physical damage in business is the solution that business interruption insurance can cover. Only a few insurance firms can agree with the COVID-19 outbreak as a loss in business. Does business insurance cover Corona virus? Check below to understand better.

Comparison between SARS and Corona virus Outbreak

As of 2002-2003, the SARS outbreak emerged and led to the payment of millions of dollars to organizations by their insurer. Besides, reports show that many court statements were prepared to curb the problem when some insurer refused to pay their potential business owners.

After that, the court challenges then led to individual and company’s reinterpretation of contract law. This process brought about a legal problem, which made the insurers to explain their position better for their prospect to understand the insurance policy.

Corona virus, as of today, has breathed new life to business settings and even individual life. For example, in the united state of America, the president known as Trump has made a special announcement on the 10th of April, 2020, that he expected to see all insurers paying business interruption claims.

In addition, on the same day, many states disagreed with the approval insisting that the business interruption insurance should cover physical damage to property and not coverage based on bacteria, virus, or other microorganisms that causes a viral infection or physical disaster.

Will Insurers Pay Up The Corona virus Business Interruption?

The answer to the question above differs according to the country or even the insurer’s requirements. Several states in the US might compel insurers to pay out the business interruption while other countries might disagree with the policy.

Nevertheless, due to research and endless information received from notable insurers, any effort to force the payment of business interruption claims might be resisted by insurers and potential regulators.

In addition, if the insurers end up paying any business organization in different parts of the world as a result of the global pandemic Corona virus, Insurance policy is likely to rise. Although there is no estimation of how much it would cost as the process might escalate agreement policy in several insurance companies, which may affect businesses and various types of organization.

In conclusion, if there were no stable ground of claiming that the global pandemic Corona virus has caused damages to business and property, to pay for the business interruption claims might be a challenging one. Therefore, you should meet your insurers for information as regards the claims due to COVID-19.

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