Wireframes vs mock-ups: what’s better?

In spite of their apparent similarities, wireframes and design mock-ups both have their uses when it comes to creating designs and devices, like apps and websites. A wireframe provides a sort of blueprint. Whereas a design mock-up is a static visual draft of a device or design, and is usually preferred by clients.

A wireframe is a barebones, very basic outline of a design or device, whereas a mock-up provides the visual details such as typography, colors and other aspects of branding.

But which one is better?

Well, it really does depend on what you’re trying to achieve. Both wireframe and mock-ups have their uses. And it comes down to what you’re trying to do, and whether the work is purely internal or if it needs to go through an approval process.

Wireframes and mock-ups both have their uses

Wireframes are useful because they can be put together quickly and effectively. A design team doesn’t need to worry too much about all the elements of color, typography and so on. This makes it easier for the rest of the team to see what the end result will look like.

Design mock ups are more visually appealing. They are easier to understand, and much better to show clients who will get a better sense of what the end-product will look like.

The pros and cons of wireframes

The pros of wireframing is a great way to sketch out the future design. It’s a great way to share and organize ideas—which helps to reduce or even avoid misunderstandings.

It’s of course important to remember that wireframes are usually just black and white sketches, there’s no branding used.

If you use a professional wireframing tool, you can save time (and money) by making changes to the wireframe before any coding takes places. 

The cons of a wireframe are that doesn’t convey any important design components. It’s all black and white with shades of gray and dummy copy (lorum ipsum text). This makes it difficult to get any idea of what—if any—the visual impact of the branding will be.

When it comes to clients, wireframes can often be confusing and detract from the main objective.

The pros and cons of a design mock-up

The pro of a design mock-ups provides more detail than a wireframe. They show color, typography as well as the visualize how the content will look and the basic functionalities.

A mock-up is designed to give a view a more realistic impression of what the end product will look like. This is one of the reasons why a design mock-up is slightly more useful to clients and stakeholders

A wireframe is useful internally to help make decisions and get the process going. A design mock-up adds the necessary visual aid to bring a project to (static) life.

The con of a design mockup is that they do take some time and resources to create. The other con is that they are static and eventually need to be pulled apart by the developer when building a website or device.

Which one is better?

They are actually both part of the documentation process for websites, apps, and other devices. When it comes to creating print collateral, social media content, ebooks, and so on, a wireframe is unnecessary.

If you need external approval before you build an app or website, then a mockup is better. It is more visual, it’s easier to see how the end product will look like.

When a design mock-up has move value

The biggest criticism against mockups is that they are time consuming. So, what if there was a way to make mockups quickly? And they will still look good and are easy to use as well as easy to show clients?

Mediamodifier offers a range of design templates and mockups in a simple online editor. We offer a simple online editor for making product mockups and graphic design.

Instead of spending hours and hours carefully putting design templates together, we have streamlined the process so you can create wonderful designs simply and quickly!

When you use Mediamodifier’s mockup generator, you can literally save weeks of time. Let your graphic designer work on high-end projects and use Mediamodifier to quickly create a visually stunning small piece of creative.

And if you do want a design to look over it, or edit it, you can download your mockup as a Photoshop PSD file.

Another advantage of our software is that you can login anywhere you’ve got an internet connection and quickly create content. As a browser-based design tool we offer you speedy inspirational marketing visuals.

If you would like to know more about how we can help your business create amazing mockups quickly, please contact us today.


Meta-title: wireframes vs mockups: which is better?

Meta-description: Wireframes and mockups are both useful tools for sketching out and drafting up designs and devices. But which is better depends on what your needs are.

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