Lomijoh Begins Her Music Career In Style With Rap Joint “Lil Bossy”

French-Cameroonian artist, singer-songwriter and rapper Lomijoh has just released her sophomore single, “Lil Bossy”. Empowering women while sharing with us her magnificent voice, Lomijoh is taking the world of music by storm with “Lil Bossy,” a joint following-up on her official debut release “Don’t Let It Go.” While “Don’t Let It Go” focused on giving our all to relationships before deciding it is over, “Lil Bossy” is an empowering anthem directed at women from around the world, to take matters into their own hands and proudly be a little bossy when needed. Lomijoh is an artist involved in the communities that surround her, fighting for gender equality and against all forms of injustice. Art has never been separate from societal issues, and artists like Lomijoh clearly remind us of art’s power beyond the role of entertaining. 

Her talent is breathtaking, and all the elements on “Lil Bossy” work out together in a blissful harmony.  Lomijoh believes that every person has a gift on earth and an inner light. Thus, we must listen to it, find it, and take care of it so we can make sure we are following the path that we are destined for.

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