INTERVIEW: Ples and Alba

Welcome and thank you for letting us get to know you two! First off, being a duo must have its ups and downs. What advice would you give to other music groups and duo’s working together?

Alba: We are actually working together, but not as a duo, we are producing songs together but we both have our separate careers. Ples released his first album last year “Sounds of the mind” and I have just released my first album solo called “Improvisación” produced by Cuban bassist Aniel Someillan. We both work with other people, but what I can say that in order to have a successful partnership both ends need to have a very good communication so that there’s no misunderstanding. Also be always very transparent and consult any decision, so that both parts trust each other. We also work by distance, we haven’t met in person yet, what makes the partnership very interesting because we have such a similar understanding of music.

Ples:  Hello!  Alba & have kinda became a “Duo” over the past 6 months, working exclusively on several projects and her upcoming album.  Yes it definitely does!  She is from Spain,  and I am from America, so there are many cultural differences that have been “trial and error” LOL.  Even tho Alba speaks English, we still have misunderstandings.  My advice?  Patience.  Have a lot of it and understanding because not everything goes the right way, and don’t let the barrier stop you from making fantastic music.

What drove you to start creating music?

Alba: Its part of the instinct of being a creative person, I feel the need to turn everything I do into something creative and done with passion, its like my personal label. I also like working with different ways of art, not only music, but image, video and painting. 

Ples: I have always loved music  I played the sax in High School, and my senior year I was introduced to a sampling keyboard.  I knew at that moment, that i wanted to be a producer and create my own music.

Your beautiful single “Te Tengo” reached 10K in 3 weeks! How did it feel getting such a wonderful response to your music? 

Alba: Its amazing to have your work recognized, that means is achieving its function of inspiring, transmitting the feeling through the music or even entertaining. That’s what we live for and we want to share it to the world. 

Ples: YES!  It was sooo exciting! and that was B.P.E.  ( Before Pandemic Era) so we were talking about doing shows, and building off the momentum.  I think we both smiled for those 3 weeks straight non stop. lol.  It was a great feeling knowing people loved the vibe we had put together.  

Your first album was released this month, congratulations! What was the inspiration behind the album? 

Alba: My first album solo “Improvisación” was released in the middle of May, but it was planned to have a big release show in a theatre in Madrid, but this pandemic forced me to change plans, and I decided to release it in digital format so the people that are in lockdown can have the chance to listen and get a little of comfort through music, its an album that was recorded with incredible musicians from the new generation in Brazil, and the songs in it are perfect to bring some happiness in this actual moment, because all of them are energizing positive songs that will lift your spirit up.

On your social media accounts, there’s a message of bringing more positive vibes into the world. It’s wonderful to see people spreading positivity online. How important would you say positive energy is within the music industry?

Alba: I conceive music as a tool to elevate the soul, to bring joy and good moments, when we live some incredible moments there’s normally a good song behind it, and when I make music I want people to feel good. 

Ples: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!  We are artists, it is OUR JOB to provide comfort during this pandemic.  We do it through out music and to raise the bar by bringing love, happiness and support.  Our minds need this mental cleansing.  

What do each of you remember being the first album you fell in love with?

Alba: Stan Getz and João Gilberto, an album that introduced me to brazilian sounds and was the reason why later in my life I emigrated to Brazil and stayed there until last year.

Ples: Hmm  I am a DJ also, so that is a very hard decision to pick just one! lol.

It would be the Isley Brothers – The heat is on  Primarily a funk and soul outing, The Heat Is On features elements of rock.[2][3] The latter musical style is mostly provided by the Jimi Hendrix-influenced guitar of Ernie Isley.[2] The album is part of a succession of slickly-produced, successful soul records issued by the Isley Brothers during the 1970s that were divided between startlingly tough funk songs and subdued romantic ballads 

Where is the best place for people to learn more about you guys? Could you share your social media handles?

Alba: Im very active on Instagram, but you can find all my records on my website:





Ples: Sure  I am on all SM platforms


Twitter :

Facebook :

IG : @ples_jones

Youtube :

Tik Tok : @exceptionalmusic

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