How to Read Tarot Cards: A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding their Meanings

Reading tarot cards can be done in various ways. Most of the readers even attend tarot reading schools to understand more about the tarots and their meanings. From being a leisure activity to the wealthy in Italy sometime in 1500, tarot reading is now one of the popular concepts to get to know something about a person’s past and future.

Tarot reading like those from the free tarot reading online accurate uses two general ways to do it. First is by memorizing all the meaning of every Tarot card based on a Tarot book. Second is by using the intuition and psychic abilities in the interpretation of the cards.

If you are one of those who want to learn something about tarot card reading, you can use this guide to use your intuition in deducing the cards. Before proceeding, make sure you’re already sitting comfortably with the tarot cards in front of you.

Make sure that you are relaxed

A relaxed body and mindset help hear clearly the “voice” of your intuition. Besides a comfortable position, you can take slow, deep breaths in through the nose and out to your mouth. You can also focus on breathing on the present tensions or discomforts in the body and exhaling those irritabilities until your body feels warm and relaxed. 

Another way is to visualize yourself exhaling every detail in your mind, removing or setting aside any fear or worry you have.

Clear the tarot deck by shuffling

Regardless of the tarot cards are used, another person touched it, or this is the first time to use the card, it is crucial to cleanse it first by shuffling it. After shuffling for a few times, hold it and let it indulge to a “light bath”. This means you will visualize a beautiful light setting down to your arms and into the tarot deck. This activity can also help you become more connected to the cards.

Ask Yourself Questions

While holding the deck of cards, ask your questions silently in your mind or out loud. If you do not have any specific question yet, you can start by asking “what do I need to know right now?” or “What message do you have for me today?”. Imagine those questions travelling from your mind to the tarot cards.

Cut the deck 

Place the tarot deck in the table in front of you and cut it using your left hand. Cut it in half and place the top half on the left. From the two piles of cards, choose the card that is on top of the right pile and turn it.

Read the card

The following are the observations and activities you can do as you read the card.

First impression: This is your first thought, reaction, or feeling the moment you see the card you turned. Usually, the first impression has lots of intuitive insight because our minds aren’t ready to think yet.

Body Messages:

Notice if there are physical feelings or sensations you have as you look at the Tarot cards, like tightening of the stomach or tingly sensation in the hands.

Saying the card’s name out loud: This can help you open some pathways in your mind, providing more access to new insights. Observe how you feel when you say the name of the card out loud.


Check any movements on the card. This can be an indicator of the issues you are dealing with and the solutions. 


Any mixture, dominating or even the absence of any colour on the card can be another indicator as you also dig in what this colour means to you.


Other things to observe are the characters and figures on the card. Is there any message they are trying to say to you?


Finally, the symbols that stand out to you and its meanings are other things to check out in the card. Sometimes, tarot cards use symbols and other hidden meanings that await to be discovered as we meditate on it.

Close the tarot reading

When you feel that it is time to finish the tarot reading, hold the deck and silently thank it for all of the insights that you learned that day. You can savour that silent moment to let those insights settle in your system. Afterwards, reshuffle it and return it into its resting place.

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