How To Play The Guitar

Do you want to learn how to play the guitar? Here we teach you a few things that I wish someone told me as well when I started learning guitar. If you want to learn guitar, then there’s no rocket science in it, you only need a positive and confident mindset.

The following tips will help you in learning it as a whole by finding this mindset. It doesn’t matter that you want to learn which type of guitar (acoustic, electric, or like to play heavy metal music, classical, blues, jazz, or rock); these tricks will apply on all.

Be patient

Learning guitar requires persistence and patience, and it’s the first essential thing that people (who want to learn guitar) must keep in mind. If you do hurry in the process of learning guitar, then you may end up getting frustrated, and it’ll develop some bad habits in you. You may also end up quitting the practice of guitar as I did when I was in my school. If you develop patience while learning guitar, then as a player, your quality will increase in bounds and leaps by it.

However, to become a good guitarist doesn’t require several hours practice a daily, if you’re doing it right and properly than 25 minutes practice 3-5 days a weak can assure you to become a good guitarist and progress quickly.

Stop making a comparison between you and another guitarist.

Whenever a person trying to be a good guitarist, when he listens to another guitarist playing beautifully, he might have become jealous because he wasn’t that good. He constantly feels that he needs to go home and continue his practice, so when you compare yourself with others, then ego always getting in your way.

For right now, stop making a comparison between you and some other guitarist. The only person with whom you need to compare yourself is yourself. So, record your previous practices and compare them with the new ones to estimate your improvement.

Start practicing scales early

With chords, you always need to match different fingers at a time, and it can be difficult for you if you’re a beginner. But starting with scale can help you in focusing only one finger at a time. After that, you can easily know the place of each finger while playing the chords because your brain already knows about it. In its result, you learn the chords much faster than before by knowing some scales already, and it will make you able to execute chords quicker.

Don’t quit

After some time, if you don’t satisfy with your learning and don’t find yourself at a place where you want to be, then removed the idea of quitting from your mind and see how far you’ve come from the start. At some point, every guitarist will hit the wall. If you don’t see any progress after practicing daily, then calm your mind and try to play something which provides you fun. Try to play something new for a week, then after that, come back to the practice again.

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