How Does a Sandblaster Work? This Is What You Need to Know

Whether you are looking at stripping your exterior paint or doing another remodel in your home, you might be considering sandblasting. Are you wondering how does a sandblaster work? We have all the scoop in our article below. 

Keep reading to learn more about sandblasting and the different types of sandblasters. 

How Does a Sandblaster Work?

First, let’s chat about how exactly a sandblaster works. Although there are different types of sandblasters they all work on the same principle. There is finely ground silica sand used in a machine with high pressure to clean and abrade a surface of choice. 

Usually, rust, paint, metal, or any unwanted surface material is sandblasted. 

Pressure Blasters

With this type of sandblaster, a canister that contains the sand is connected to a gun with a special hose. When you pull the trigger, the sand and the air come out of the canister at the same time. 

With this type of blaster, once the sand is used up, you can’t refill the canister. If you prefer to make less waste then this is not the sandblaster for you.

Dustless Blaster

With this type of blasting, water is introduced into the sandblasting process. The water helps keep the dust down that normally accompanies sandblasting. Dustless Blasting also limits the amount of debris that is usually caused. 

Another pro of this sandblasting option is that the temperature drops because of the water and this keeps the materials that you are blasting from warping. 

Gravity-Fed Blasters

With this blaster, the sand goes through a barrel from the top with the help of gravity. On top of the gun, you have a hopper that holds the sand supply while you are working. Every time you pull the trigger the sand will come out of the barrel and more sand will fall from the hopper into the barrel. 

When you release the trigger the opening that goes in between the barrel and the hopper will close to keep the extra sand inside the hopper. The great thing about this machine is that you can refill the hopper when it is empty. 

Siphon Blaster

With this option, suction is the main source of the action. There is a gun connected with two hoses to an air compressor and a sand reservoir. When the air kick on, a suction goes through the gun to pull the sand through and out of the barrel. 

The great thing with a siphon blaster is that the sand can be recollected and placed back in the reservoirs to continue using it. 

Feeling Like a Sandblaster Pro?

Now that you know all about sandblasters and about how does a sandblaster work, you might be feeling like a sandblaster pro. Please keep in mind that sandblasting is something that you don’t want to do yourself unless you have experience. If you have a sandblasting job to tackle in your home, we highly recommend calling in the pros. 

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