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Years ago, it was perfectly plausible for a company to have a great product, a persuasive marketing team, and ride high in its industry without fear of being toppled by a younger, smaller rival.

In the digital era, however, new technologies are rapidly changing the business landscape, and organizations are turning to digital transformation as they look for ways to remain competitive.

Here, we’re going to show you how web and mobile applications can boost growth in your business, and take a look at mooloo inspiring company that are dominate their industries thanks to groundbreaking webs and mobile apps.

Software meets strategy

Deep understanding to well-designed solutions.

Building great software requires a deep understanding of the problems you’re trying to solve. With a heavy emphasis on working closely with clients, we learn about the business, the problems it faces, and its prospective users (staff and/or customers).

The Founders

Neill Shurville

Neill Shurville is our Project Lead. He has a deep understanding of clean user experience design, and a keen ability to quickly create software-based solutions to business problems.

Previous ventures include a catering company which served high-end events in Oxford, and a SaaS platform that helped users grow their Instagram accounts. He also currently runs, an e-commerce website that sells books and resources to schools.

He graduated from the University of Oxford in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Alex Davies

Alex Davies is our Tech Lead. Having coded since a young age, he has a deep understanding of good

development practices, and in particular, has a strong ability to build creative and intelligent tech solutions.

Previous ventures include an events business that regularly saw thousands of visitors attend nights at famous Oxford venues, often bringing big names from the Grime scene to the Oxford University student population, as well as a SaaS platform which he ran with Neill.

He was also President of the Oxford Entrepreneurs society in 2016. He graduated from the University of Oxford in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology.

What We Build – Complex business systems, optimized

We help businesses accelerate their efficiency.

Web Application Development

Software built with web technology.
Accessed via a web browser.

Mobile Application Development

Software built into a native mobile app.
Accessed anywhere from mobile or tablet devices.

Systems Integrations and APIs

Automated integrations between existing systems for higher efficiency.

One of Previous Project -Planetari Mobile Game

Intelligent solutions to real-life challenges. A MOBILE GAME TO INSPIRE A NEW GENERATION

“Secrets of St. Helena” is a mobile game that we were commissioned to build on behalf of Planetari to encourage children to learn and care about ocean conservation.

The project was undertaken in partnership with the Blue Marine Foundation and the St. Helena National Trust.

Click here to read the feature on the St. Helena Government website.

The game is an open-world adventure that allows children to explore a vast and diverse map.

Along the way they discover sealife, find shipwrecks, and collect plastic, all whilst being provided with rich and engaging content to encourage learning.

Extra challenges were built in to make the play more enjoyable, such as a depleting oxygen tank that needs refilling and a very hidden treasure chest!

For see full Portfolio clicks here: Mooloo Portfolio

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation involves using digital technologies to fundamentally change how a business operates. It is a chance to reimaging how you engage with your customers, how you deliver value, and to modify or create new business processes.

More than a buzzword, digital transformation requires a significant shift in organizational culture, and a desire to challenge the accepted norms. If done well, it has the power to make a company more competitive and leaner, increasing agility.

The benefits of digital transformation in business

Although digital transformation is not easy, and requires a long-term commitment, it can bring many advantages.

Increased efficiency. Successfully leveraging new technologies to automate processes can give you a substantial increase in efficiency. This can lead to a reduction in workforce requirements, and large cost savings.

Improved decision making. With a move to digitized information, you are able to tap into the insights hidden in your data. This allows management teams to make better, more informed decisions based on quality intelligence.

Better reach. Digitalizing your business offering, means that customers can now find and access your products or services from anywhere in the world.

Enhanced customer experience. Using data to better understand your customer allows you to get closer to them, know what they want, and deliver a personalized experience.

Why web and mobile apps are important in digital transformation

Although every company’s digital transformation strategy will be different, web and mobile apps can be a game changer, and should be given serious consideration.

Some of the benefits of web and mobile apps for business include:

Easier engagement of customers in-app versus on a website. Push notifications can be used to keep customers informed, or can be triggered using the GPS technology to deliver relevant offers based on a customer’s location.

The time spent using applications is increasing, giving businesses more opportunities to be in front of their customers.

Web and Mobile apps are developed to be faster than websites, and can provide a better user experience.

Custom web and mobile apps can boost employee productivity, for example, using an app to improve sales assistance out in the field.

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