Steps to write a news story

When we see a story on a news channel, it seems so simple. But it takes some effort from a team or a concerned person. Story writing is not that simple as it seems; it takes a lot of research and writing skills to accomplish it. If you are interested in building this skill, try these guidelines as there are different types of news articles, but in general, see these few steps you would need to follow to create a press release

  1. Choosing a topic 

If you are a beginner, try to focus on stories that are happing in your local community. The story you choose to write should be new, to grab your audience’s attention, and it should not also be about the future, it should be about the current situation – whatever is happening in the present situation. Do not delay writing a story; otherwise, someone else will write it down. There are many pieces published in an opinion portion of a newspaper – read that, and try to generate your problem statement.

  1. Interview

Interviewing people is the most difficult part of all. Many people avoid coming in front of the media. But you need to make a convincing statement to them and ask their consent before you begin. Your interview should be concise and clear. Before you begin, you should have a prepared questionnaire of a relevant question, that would complete the required information for your news story.

  1. Focus on “Ws”

There are four Ws that you need to focus on while writing your story; WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and also HOW is also important to note. A professional news story should be crafted in sequential order.

  1. Arrange all information

Now once you have all the information you need. Arrange them together piece by piece. Put the most important part on the top to attract the audience to the story. 


Every writer has its own way to write quotes, some write in the beginning, and some write in the middle of the story. In many situations, news writers prefer to write important lines as a subtopic in order to give ideas to them about the article.

  1. Research

 When you are done with the story, in the end, do some research through search engines to put some interesting data that you might have missed, and complete your piece of writing.

  1. Grammar

Remember, use active writing in news writing, not passive, particularly in the introduction. In news writing, we are supposed to put in big information in pithy statements, so that reader may not get bored in detailed passages. 

Another important part of writing is right in a way that something is happening. Remember, there is a particular vocabulary that news stories often use. For writing a news story, try to learn those words. Let’s take an example of a sentence: “NASA has decided not to share plans to go to the moon,” we can write it more properly as: “NASA has abandoned plans to go to the moon.” Conclusively, writing a story is a step by step procedure in which you have to choose an interesting story or a hot topic, keeping the audience in mind, then you have to go through interviews and other lots of research work. Eventually you can also use the best press release distribution service to spread your story.

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