Well, I’ve got a song stuck in my head, which means that pretty soon, you’ll have it stuck in yours, too. Not one to go for R&B usually, I’ve been listening to this next one on repeat for the past few days, and I gotta tell you, I am loving what I’m hearing.

Linnon Stylz is an emerging artist from Detroit (the great music scene, right?) who’s really giving R&B a new life. His new hit single, “Crown Me (The New King of R’n’B)”, has been making waves over on Spotify ever since it first came out.

Now, it’s difficult to say what attracts me most about this track. Maybe it’s the obvious cockiness of the title. I mean, to be so young and to call yourself the New King of R’n’B definitely shows you’ve got some daring in you.

Or maybe it’s Stylz’s s flowing, smooth sound. I wouldn’t say flawless exactly, but then, an R&B track was never supposed to be that way. “Crown Me (The New King of R’n’B)” is definitely a very clear sung track which only adds to its appeal.

To me, it’s an instant hit because it vibes so well with pretty much anything and with people from all walks of life and across music genres. You don’t need to know the greats of R&B from the nineties to enjoy this track. Hey, you don’t even need to know what R&B is supposed to be to like “Crown Me (The New King of R’n’B)”. Although once you dig into it, you’ll probably start listening around for similarly good tracks in the genre.

And as far as that goes, let me tell you right now, don’t bother yourself. Not trying to be overbearing here or to exaggerate, but Linnon Stylz is the best voice you’ll hear in the past 20 years of R&B. Easy.

One thing that stands out about him is that he doesn’t try to recreate the hits from the past. He knows he’s got the talent to stand on his own two feet and he does. He breathes such talent and such obvious passion for his music in “Crown Me (The New King of R’n’B)” that he really makes you wonder if he’s not the King of R’n’B for real.

But why listen to me prattle on and on about this guy, when you can go listen to him for yourself on Spotify right now?


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