Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

For BBQs and beach trips, watermelon is an essential thing, but it isn’t the first snack that based on the plant which people ponder to give their dogs. As it becomes ready, it’s the best summer treat. Moreover, dogs love watermelon.

It contains many advantages for both humans and dogs, such as it’s healthy and tasty, so that’s why it’s a perfect snack to share with your dogs.

Here are the points that you must know before giving this best summer treat to your dog.

Health Advantages of Watermelon for Dogs

According to Susan Lauten, in Knoxville, Tennessee, who is the owner of pet nutrition consulting, watermelon contains two nutrients that dogs require the most, potassium and vitamin A.

Watermelon is also low in sodium and fat-free, with only about 46 calories per cup. She also said that it’s a good cause for hydration in dogs because watermelon contains 92 percent of water in it.

Usually, watermelon is linked with summer when it’s on the top because it contains cold effects, but it’s available the whole year. Oranges are healthy for dogs as well.

Is Watermelon Secure for Dogs?

There are two things that you must avoid giving your dog while feeding him watermelon, and these things are the skin of the watermelon and its seeds—suggested by a dog owner.

If the small dogs swallow the black seeds which present in watermelon, then they can cause intestinal barriers in them, so before giving the watermelon to your dog, remove these seeds first, said Lauten.

According to her, the seeds are less problem for huge dogs because, from their big intestine, the seeds can easily pass while they can stick in the small intestine of small dogs.

So, to avoid this problem, you can also purchase a seedless watermelon because it’s difficult to remove seeds by hand, and it is time-taking as well.

Lauten says that the dogs are not able to digest the green skin of watermelon, that’s why you shouldn’t give them this part of watermelon to eat.

How do You need to Give Your Dog Watermelon?

Before giving any human food such as watermelon to your dog, you always need to ask your nutritionist or veterinarian about the quantity of that food or how you can give it and when. Many dogs are suffering from some medical conditions, and some have different dietary needs, which may not make watermelon a good choice for your dog; that’s why always consult.

Once your nutritionist or vet allows you to give it to your dog, then the next step is to remove the skin and all the seeds from it, and after that cut them into the small cubes that are chewable, by doing so, you can make watermelon an easy and nice treat for your dog.

To make watermelon more refreshing, you can also freeze it, but make sure that the teeth of your dogs must be strong enough to eat the frozen food without being hurt.

You can also make fruit smoothie or salad for your dog by mixing it with other fruits such as blueberries; your dog will like it as well.

Follow all the tips that your vet suggests to feed your dog safely.

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