Want to be as fit as Indian Modelling Star Karan Oberoi? Here’s a chance to know how

India’s top fitness and fashion model Karan Oberoi aka KO is renowned for possessing one of the most athletic physiques in Indian Modelling Industry, but the question arises, that how did he attain his top condition?

There is no such model in the Indian modelling industry who is more disciplined than Indian modelling star Karan Oberoi. Among one of the Most Photographed Faces in India today, Model Karan Oberoi’s Fitness Journey is Built on the two Ds of Discipline and Determination. Not just a winner of Mr Best physique title, ‘the youth Icon’ or ‘Top fitness model’, KO is also one of the most followed style and fitness model on social media on platforms like YouTube & Instagram, the views, followers and likes don’t stop in numbers. He is undoubtedly the youth’s favourite and a role model for many.

This modelling star who is not less than any athlete boasts an extraordinary set of athletic skills, combining running skills of any good athlete and power & agility of a bodybuilder.

Oberoi was not born with such traits, though; the rippling physique we see today is a marked transformation from the boy next door to the top fitness model.

How does Karan Oberoi train?

The top model believes that the workout session should start with a warm-up that could be either by running, brisk walk, push-ups or pullups. The warm session before an intense workout always decreases the risk of injury according to Oberoi. KO also gives a lot of importance to stretching before and after training.

When in the gym, Karan Oberoi’s main workout is split between cardiovascular training – such as running, on spot jumps and weights. “Mix it up,” KO advises – since it keeps things interesting, it’s also important to ensure all areas of the body are targeted and exercising improves both strength and stamina.

His training is based on simple fitness rules. He never does anything that is really complicated, when he says complicated, he means not to indulge in overtraining, keeping shorter goals but consistent goals. He mentions if you wish to look fit and have a body ripped and muscular just like any fashion or top model, all you need to do is one-hour intense training every day. He also advises to keep changing workout from time to time and never to repeat exercises that you did earlier this week. For example, last week if you used dumbbells for arms workout, use barbell next time. He also advises to go for supersets and do a lot of repetitions of every exercise, which can help you achieve ripped and muscular physique in a short time if you have full control on what you eat.

What Does Karan Oberoi eat?

The diet is just like a fuel that you give to your car so that it can help you ride. In the same manner, if you don’t have proper diet the body can’t perform to its best, be that the stamina part or aesthetic part. Also, the diet helps to achieve an adorable looking body you always dream. KO, unsurprisingly, takes his diet very seriously. A good workout must be combined with a good diet. Karan Oberoi eats a high protein diet, with some good carbs generally at a day time usually before 4 pm, citrus fruits like oranges and watermelon and green leafy vegetables like spinach are always the part of his diet he mentions in his fitness interviews.

The top model has never kept the personal dietician but insists to eat six to seven small meals a day – or one every three to four hours.

He particularly likes lean meat items as a source of high protein diets such as egg whites, chicken breast and fish. He also makes sure to take multivitamin caps and omega 3 caps with food as they are important if you wish to have great skin. Fitness supplements such as good quality whey protein powders should be stacked with natural food to get the best results. While he is out for dinner or lunch, KO says he often prefers to have green leafy salads, and roasted chicken as a part of his one meal.

For his breakfast, Oberoi prefers to have egg whites or scrambled eggs, oats and brown whole wheat bread with little butter. In the afternoon for lunch, he prefers to have a well-balanced meal consisting of carbs and protein. He, in general, like to have quinoa or brown rice with spinach and 2 pieces of chicken breast.

Hydration is vital too – “drinking a lot of water every day is also very important to stay in shape and get rid of water retention,” Indian model Karan Oberoi affirms – but one of the sacrifices he makes to keep his body in top condition is that he does not indulge in alcohol and drugs at all.

Beyond workout and diet, KO’s success secrets: 

“Be disciplined, keeping yourself motivated and sticking to your routine is a key to attain great physique in the long run. For me, there is no room for easing off so I have to be strict because of my shoots, he adds.You can help yourself by setting small but consistent goals and can also workout with a training partner, adding competitiveness and company to your routine, which he himself doesn’t but advises if you can. He also shares his experience of getting up at 5 am in the morning which has magical powers and has changed his life might change yours too.

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