The President of Baltimore’s music scene

BJR : helping the music scene rise in a city that has seen far too many lows

A dynamic producer in redemption mode. After his 2018 mixtape/album Growing Pains, Born Just Right  took a step back to focus on the community of Baltimore City despite it not being a place he is originally from. His partner company Media Rhythm Institute has done very well in providing youth and young artist with skill and confidence; developing them into future stars. The producer and singer is giving his contribution to build a new fanbase for Baltimore artistry and to make it known across the world. BJR and the creative collective Soul Tribe are truly making a name for themselves performing on shows like SXSW & Artscape as well as curating their own experiences.

Faced with the challenges of being independent in an already impoverished market, BJR has done something a great entrepreneur before him has. Fueled by Ryan Leslie, a mentor, he created an app that will make it easier for artists within his reach to develop fully into their respective brands. The app features exclusive access to production services, catalogues, galleries, and curated playlists explicitly created to blend the mainstream music scene.

BJR learned the hard way the issues of depending on social media. Even when you gather a fan base, there is a disconnect between those actually seeing and engaging in posts or promotion and who’s just following you. For him specifically, trust became the largest issue. Creating the BJR app has allowed him as his fans to play by their own rules and not those of a watered down – algorithm based platform. He is thriving musically – building authentic connections with his fans. The BJR app has generated much more business for the free lance producer – and has also helped a plethora of other artists similarly.


After setting his career path aside to help kids and other artists become their own brands, he is now eyeing down Billboard as his number one career focus.

“I’m very dedicated to this city, but to be honest; it’s time for me to grow my reach.” – BJR

With recent release of a 35- track beat tape titled ‘City Boy Living’ the producer is now dedicated receiving Grammy nominations.

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