Swingers Symbol: What is it?

 Some people say that it is not possible to identify swingers in public. And if one swinger wants to attract the other swinger, there are no signs used by them. And some people want to know whether the people they know or the people around them are swingers or not (friends, neighbors, colleagues). Swinger community shares a symbol that can attract other potential partners, and even if they have sex with someone outside their inner life, this is not necessary that they will associate with anyone. They are as picky as anyone else to select their partners. You can find a specific symbol for them as well, that they specifically use to get in contact with other swingers. Now we should discuss what some swinger symbols to spot swingers worldwide are.

1.     Pampas grass

Pampas grass acts as a symbol that signifies that the owner of that property likes a swinging lifestyle. This grasses, scientific name is Cortaderia selloana, and it works as a secret code mentioned above. But recently this has shown a decreasing trend in sales.

2.     Pineapples

Swingers do send secret messages to convey their identity and look for partners like pineapples. For a long time, pineapples have represented warm hospitality and open-mindedness. When kept on, the mailbox represents that a swinger party is ongoing and wen left upside down; it represents that they are looking for one.

3.     The Swing

Mostly wearing black accessories like a ring, bracelet, amulet, etc., shows that the person is a swinger and is trying to show openness. But other people do wear back accessories as fashion, without knowing the meaning specified. Hence, swingers refer to adding a symbol ‘THE SWING’ to their attachments to identify other swingers easily and secretly quickly.

4.     Black ring

Many people wear a black ring on the right hand to signify that they are swingers. And they enjoy this lifestyle. These secret signs help identify other swingers in the community. Even in these parties and at different events, it can be helpful to watch for other symbols like this ring on the right hand. If someone with the black circle on the right side approaches you and starts conversing, it means they are into you, and they recognize you as a fellow swinger.

5.     Decoration

Looking out for home decorations and other garden decorations can help identify a swinger. Swingers like to keep the white rock or purple supplementations in their garden to signify that they are open to other swingers. These include pineapples too. Garden gnomes also mean that the person is a swinger.

6.     Hot tubes

Do you see a hot tube in the garden? This can also signify a swinger mindset. Another thing that can spot a swinger mindset is that they never open their garage doors. Only when they are in the car, and their door is shut.

7.     Wristbands

Swingers also get their wrist bands to show their lifestyle interest. These wrist bands contain a symbol imprinted on it. And sometimes, it requires special attention to identify one.

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