Surprising way to reduce male body fat

The pecs are one of the areas in which the accumulation of fat, in addition to the increase in size, can over complex men, who generally have the idea that this can be solved only with surgery.

This is stated by aesthetic centers that have seen a 50% increase in reductive treatments in the breast or pectoral area in men in the last two years.

“Men are discovering treatments to reduce the breast area. Most of them approach shyly and with some shame, in secret. Only when they obtain results do they tell a friend to recommend the treatment,” reported by a specialist in Dermo-aesthetics for this aesthetic scepter.

“The man with breasts or breast tissue identifies himself because he usually wears a shirt on the beach. Many use girdles to press on the chest. When they do the treatment, the first question they ask is whether other men do it, too. They generally carry out the reductive treatments at lunchtime, in an office break,”he says.

According to the specialist, men accumulate fat along with breast tissue, usually due to being overweight and also due to hormonal factors. In addition, he points out that the problem afflicts men who, after being regulars at the gym, stop exercising, so that in their pecs, muscle flaccidity is generated, the skin is released and fat accumulates.

For the reduction of fat in the breast area five combined treatments are applied, which are performed twice a week. It includes lipo cavitation, manual lymphatic drainage massage, Russian waves, cryogen bandages, and radiofrequency.

By lipo cavitation, ultrasonic waves are generated that destroy the fat cells. Then manual lymphatic drainage is performed that allows the elimination of these dead cells as well as the toxins and fluids retained through the lymphatic system.

Russian waves stimulate the muscles through contraction and relaxation, end the drainage process, tone, and firm the treated area. The treatment is accompanied by bandages with cold menthol and camphor cryogen that activate blood circulation and smooth the skin, and radiofrequency that activates the formation of collagen and elastin to firm the skin in addition to the muscular area.

Best way for male chest fat reduction

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