How To Grow Your TikTok Account

Social media platforms provide access to a large audience. However, if you want to reach millions of people, you need to be very creative, plan and put in a lot of effort. Some platforms such as YouTube and Instagram allow you to become viral with thousands of followers. However, you need to find ways to get free followers and beat the competition.

Currently, TikTok (previously known as has become very popular. Everyone is on TikTok including socialites, singers and actors. It’s a great opportunity to join the platform and get more followers. Here are some of the best ways to get more fans on TikTok.

1.         Follow And Unfollow

If you want to grab the attention of the most influential TikTok users, you need to use the Follow and Unfollow method. First, search for the most influential TikTok users in your niche then follow them. Next, you should interact with their videos and comment on their profiles.

If you post clever and ingenious comments, the other users will definitely upvote your comment and reply. It’s a great way to gain more followers while on the platform. Finally, you need to unfollow the influential TikTok user and follow them again. It’s easy to grow TikTok followers if you are smart about it.

Repeat this a few times to get other users to notice you. Note that, when you do this a few times, you will appear higher on their followers list. Therefore, more users will notice your profile and follow you if you have relevant content. Also, the influential TikTok user will follow you if your comments are the most favorited ones in their profiles. It’s a win-win situation.

2.         Create A Dynamic And Attention-Grabbing Profile

If you want to enhance your profile, you should know that every detail is important. The personal information, the username and profile picture will make an impression on everyone who visits your profile. Don’t use a long username that’s hard to remember because most people will forget it immediately. Look for a short and attention-grabbing username that stands out from the rest. If possible use this username on all your social media profiles.

3.         Attention-Grabbing Videos

If you want your TikTok account to become popular, you need to post attention-grabbing content. For instance, you can post upcoming events or videos that make a good impression on your followers. For instance, if you are posting fitness-related content, you can inform your followers about new workouts you are designing. As such, your followers will be aware and be prepared for any forthcoming videos.

Also, the basic information posted on your profile can be used passively as a way to get more followers on your TikTok profile. For instance, if you write peculiar characteristics or annotations to set yourself apart, your followers can relate to them and share widely.

In some cases, you can add your country flag to show your nationality and get a lot of recognition. You need to be original and innovative to get the most followers as possible with your content.

4.         Participate In Viral Challenges

By engaging in the latest trends, you can view the different types of content that is popular currently. There are some viral challenges where you can dance to a popular song and provide content for different niches. By participating in these trends, you can showcase different sides of your persona to your followers thereby appealing to more people.

In some cases, you don’t have to participate directly in these trends. For instance, if you don’t want to dance in a viral video, you can use the song in the next video so that your followers can resonate with the content. Hashtags are also important in viral challenges.

If you share videos on your profile with trending hashtags, millions of people will see them. It’s a good way of increasing your TikTok followers in a few days. These challenges allow you to explore various niches and expand your musical genre to areas you might not know. It’s the best way to create a brand to extend your fanbase effortlessly.

5.         Connect Your TikTok To Other Social Media Platforms

Don’t use a single social media profile because you will miss out on a lot of audience on other platforms. Take advantage of other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, besides TikTok. Note that, Facebook has about 2 million active users each month. Also, in 2019, YouTube reported a revenue of $15 billion. Use these platforms to bring more users to your TikTok profile.

For the best results, you should use the same username across the different platforms. That way, you can post videos with engaging content and it’s easy for people to find you across platforms. If your users recall your TikTok username, they can easily search it on any other social media profile and find you effortlessly.

6.         Collaborate With Other Users

Running your social media account solo might not be as effective as you want, especially if you are still new to TikTok. Start by filming a duet with a friend or creating a collaboration video to get more TikTok engagements from your followers. If possible, team up with users who are also looking to create exceptional content. Don’t pair up with people who don’t match your niche because your followers will be confused. Note that, different videos on TikTok can be created with a duet option. As such, different people globally can film their videos and edit you in it. That way, you can count on a larger audience and more following on the platform.

7.         Be Authentic

If you are looking to establish your profile on TikTok, you need to always be authentic. People love humble, ingenious and original content makers. Some people have become popular because of their spontaneity. Others have done so because they have shown their authentic selves in their everyday life.

Your followers will love content where you play with your friends or provide information on events occurring in your life. Also, you can share original and authentic emotions about what you are feeling currently and connect with your followers. It’s the best way to appeal to the humane side of people and create empathy. Always be yourself and don’t try to copy someone you are not.

Final Thoughts

TikTok is a relatively new site but it has made waves in social media. If you want to establish yourself on the platform, use these tips to create the best original content and attract many followers.

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