How to get more likes on Instagram?

Living in the twenty-first century and don’t know about Instagram then you need to wake up. You A popular way of extending your business Instagram allows you to reach the maximum number of people with one single user account. According to a survey, about 90% of people using Instagram are under the age of 35 which makes it a good place to show your skills. Being a photographer is not an easy thing and if you have skills you need to show people about it. So, if you want to increase your followers we have some tips for you.

How To Get More Likes On Instagram Photography

Instagram is all about sharing memories in the form of photos and videos. But we observe that some photos get millions of likes while the other gets only a few. The difference in likes is due to several reasons and some of them are:

The quality of photo: A photo taken in HD will get more likes as compared to photo with low quality and resolution. You can also increase your followers by posting photos of a single theme. It might seem boring for some but it will make a distinct identity for you.

Use hashtags: Hashtags help you attract more viewers. Using more hashtags help more people discover your photos and skills and increase the chance of sharing and likes. You can also use popular hashtags. For example, if you have shared a photo of your garden, use hashtags such as #creativity, #gardenideas, #nature, #garden, #natureislove. The more hashtags you use, more people you will reach through your post.

Apply filters on photo: Nowadays almost every picture you see on Instagram has one or more filters applied to it. Filters enhance the beauty of pictures and get more likes and share. Several filters are available which you can use on your photos.

Make your account public: A public account is available to large a number of users as compared to a private account. Every photo you will post on your public account will get more likes and share as compared to public account.

Avoid posting fake photos: If you are a professional photographer the photo you post should be your original work. Try to enhance photographic skills and capture unique photos. Avoid posting contents of other people.

Buying Instagram Likes From Agency

If you want to increase likes on your post, there is another way to do that. But, before trying it beware of the scams that make people lose their money. There are several agencies that offer services on increasing likes on your account while you pay to them. Not only you can buy Instagram likes but they also provide you more followers. If you want to get impressions on your posts from more people you can also buy Instagram impressions.

Many social media influencers buy Instagram followers to increase their likes. Although it might not seem the right way to increase likes following the conventional way can take a lot of time to get increased likes. Apart from the case that you have some exceptional skill or you got a piece of good luck.

Several online agencies are available which have different rates to provide you with original followers. More followers mean more chances of getting likes for your photos.

How To Get Photography Noticed On Instagram

In this world of digital marketing, it is not a difficult task to make people notice your work. But the main thing to consider is you need to show unique work in photography. Some of the tips on promoting your photographic skill on Instagram are:

Post regularly: People find unique content around them every day and if you don’t want to lose your followers, never take a break from posting for long. This will divert the attention of people towards someone else. So post your photographs daily or at least twice a week.  

Post at the right time: The time for posting something on social media is also important. You need to figure out the time your followers are most active and also the demographics. The more accurate time to post is 4 pm-10 pm when people are back from work and they check their news feed. As it will appear in their news feed and it will be easily noticed. Several tools are available which help you track when people are online.

Conduct a survey: You can engage people in likes and comments while asking some questions along with your post. This will also get you more share and attract the audience. As people like to share their views so it can help you get more likes.

Share unique ideas: In this world full of innovative people you have to stand out among others. So, if you want people to notice your photos, come with unique ideas. With advanced technology and gadgets, you can easily enhance the beauty of the pictures you post. Whether it is about capturing wild animals or capturing the scenic beauty of ice-capped mountains, you surely have a chance to get more likes.

Use hashtags: Hashtags help you reach a large number of people out there. Try to use hashtags that are popularly searched.

Host a contest of photography on Instagram: Hosting a photography contest will help you gain more followers. It will also engage people. You can start by posting a picture with a theme and asking people to post their photos with similar themes in the comment section or DM you. The best photo will be selected and awarded a prize.

How To Get Likes Back On Instagram

While we are hearing about the feature of Instagram to hide likes and comment, you don’t need to worry about it you can get them back. With a chrome extension, you can get these likes and comments back. You can perform this action if you are viewing Instagram in chrome rather than in the mobile app. Go home then extension and then click the return of likes. Apart from that you also need to download the return of likes app. Add the plugin to chrome so you can use it.    

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