How To Effectively Negotiate Employment Contracts

When contemplating whether or not to change jobs, you will surely conduct an analysis of the pros and cons of each option. If a job change looks like the right way to go, but not everything about the offer is perfect, you might have some luck negotiating better terms with the new employer.

In terms of the employment contract itself, be straightforward about your wishes. The key is to never simply sign on the dotted line without having a lawyer review the agreement first suggest the experts at Net Lawman. A prospective employer will not fault you for this, and he or she will probably be impressed by your thoroughness.

Some things that are frequently negotiable include:

1. Pay: Make certain to ascertain whether your base pay will be raised over the life of the contract and how regularly that might occur. Ensure that your salary cannot be lowered, or under what circumstances such an event might take place. Inquire about available bonuses and get specifics. There are some firms that offer signing bonuses for those who end up losing particular benefits in order to join the company.

2. Equity options: Make certain to ask about any company-provided equity grants. Learn what stock you might receive and exactly what form it would take. If you are given stock options, what will it cost to exercise them? You need to be clear on the rules that govern such equity grants should you ultimately leave the company or experience termination.

3. Position details: A critical area of negotiation has to do with exactly what your role with the new company will be. You need to fully understand what your job title is going to be, your work location, and your detailed job duties. It is important to have all of these things outlined in the employment agreement, and you must also learn whether reassignment or relocation is possible within your role.

After you have signed your employment agreement, the window for negotiations may well be shut. Negotiations undertaken verbally may be difficult to enforce should a dispute arise. Thus, working together with a lawyer in advance of signing such a contract is the best way to protect your interests.

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