Five rules – prevent your Business from COVID 19

Hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis, the hotel and restaurant sectors are preparing to raise their heads. Deprived of customers since the beginning of containment, the environment will have to adopt new health standards and disinfecting procedures. They will push the businesses to reinvent itself if it wishes to revive.

1. Management commitment

When the size of the company allows, a “health protocol” referent will be appointed. He must ensure that rules and best practices are updated and respected within each establishment.

Teams or staff representatives are informed when risks are identified and are associated with the definition of health measures.

In establishments with different departments and department heads, each manager makes a daily point with his team at the start of the shift on the remainder of the instructions and shares the latest information with them. On this occasion, the events of the previous day are shared.

2. Rules for cleaning and disinfection

Each establishment must document a plan for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces according to the location, work equipment, door handles and buttons, payment areas, stair railings, material furniture, and more generally of any object and surface likely to have been contaminated (in contact with the hands).

The cleaning of linen, towels, work clothes, and other clothing is carried out at a temperature suitable for removing the Covid-19. Storage on-site of various supplies, linen, towels, work clothes, and other clothing is carried out under appropriate sanitary conditions. The frequency of cleaning of surfaces, equipment, utensils, and supports is increased compared to normal.

For cafes, bars, and restaurants, cleaning will be done at the end of each table service. Use of cleaning and disinfection service is recommended by the competent authorities to dispose of Covid-19.

3. Communication of rules and practices

A guide (charter, manual, instruction, etc.) specifies the operating methods that must be followed by the personnel in each area of the establishment to ensure barrier gestures, hygiene rules, physical distance, and management of suspect cases. The teams are trained in the rules and good practices of the health protocol, this training is subject to proof. Particular care is taken in the training of new arrivals, reinforcements or job changes.

4. Distancing between teams

The hotel teams wear an appropriate mask. For room and catering staff, provision is made for the wearing of a mandatory mask and hand/gel washing at least every hour, including for staff working at the counter.

In the kitchens, there is a hand wash every 30 minutes (or wearing gloves). Wearing charlottes (or equivalent net type) is compulsory. The wearing of an appropriate mask is also appropriate. Each establishment defines the rules making it possible to ensure physical distance according to the configuration of the premises.

5. Hygiene

The usual hygiene rules are respected. The frequency of hand cleaning is increased. Confined spaces must be ventilated, avoiding directing the flow towards customers; collective fans and foggers will not be used in confined spaces, and fans will not be used outdoors either.

The products delivered should be cleaned in a dedicated area before entering and being stored in the establishment.

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