Choosing the Right Shoes for Standing All Day

It can be bad for the posture and body to sit at a desk all day. Standing desks offer an alternative but this still leads to postural complaints.  If you will be using a standing desk, like a height-convertible option or a converter, you’ll feel better at the end of the day. Still you will need the right shoes. But, that begs the questions, “what are the right shoes for standing all day?”

To come up with a proper answer that will suit the needs of the most desk-bound professional, you could try asking the experts, but you will find a different answer from each. There are literally thousands of “best shoes” lists online, but the only way you will know how suitable it is by trying them on and walking about. This way you will know how the shoes fit the foot and what inserts or adjustments you may need to make your stand a bit more comfortable.

The other way is to look for a brand that is trusted and offers the quality shoes that will support your feet and allow them to relax while they are on the move. Try finding the brands that are recommend by the experts. Just like Loom Footwear. Loom offers the comfortable work shoes that offer the ultimate support all day long, doesn’t matter if you work, walk, run or even working out. Loom is the pair of shoes that are waterproof, breathable and top of all, vegan friendly. You don’t have to worry about the smelly feet as your feet will be able to breath. Moreover, these shoes are lightweight and comfortable which means you will have the support that your feet need and lightweight feature will ease the burden on the feet as they don’t have to carry the extra pressure while you are on the move.

There are a complex array of muscles, nerves, tendons and connective tissues that allow us to remain upright. The dynamics of this small miracle is a little different from person to person and can affect the shoes that you will need. Take a look at the Orthotic Shop.

What to Look for in a Standing Desk Work Shoe

Most people are in a lot of pain if they try wearing heels for an extended period while standing. This is because these heels throw off the body’s weight balance and place the feet and legs in an unnatural position. For this reason, you should consider flats with a small heel. Who knew that feeling comfortable could also be fun and fashionable.

Toe room is essential for shoes and should be ample in the front and sides. Many shoes have a narrower tip to them and these can actually cause the foot to grow wider with time. This means that the pain from the pressure will only get worse.

But, these are not the only factors that will affect how comfortable your feet feel. You still want to try on as many different shoes as you can so that you can find an option that is comfortable for you. When you are looking for shoes that will go well for work at your stand up desk, personal comfort is the only deciding factor. This makes a shoe choice a very personal decision.

How to Find Great Shoes for Standing Desk Work

Now that you will be heading down to the brick-and-mortar location, you can follow these tips to getting the right shoes for.

The first tip is to begin your shopping in the afternoon. This is because the foot expands during the day with the pressures added. By having your foot measured in the afternoon you will be more likely to find a good fit.

Before you go, make a tracing of your foot on a piece of paper and carry that with you. When you find something that looks right to you, you can compare the dimensions to the drawing you have made and get a better idea of how it will fit. This is an easy way to rule out shoes that are simply not a good fit.

Where the socks you always wear. If you have a specific type of sock you will be wearing in the office, wear them to choose your shoes. The smallest differences in thickness will lead to a considerable difference in the how they perform.

You will want to leave about half an inch of space between the tips of your longest toe and the shoe – as you know, the big toe is not always the longest.

Then you can take a quick run around the store or mall so you can actually get a feel for the shoes in a standing environment. If they feel slightly uncomfortable, best get another pair. You may really like the style and looks and believe that the shoe will feel different once it has been broken in. But, even if that does happen, you won’t be moving about a lot in your stand up shoes, this means the discomfort could be prolonged if not definite.

If you are going to shop online, it is highly recommended that you visit a physical location store and try out a few different options from various brands and manufacturers that you have been considering. This will allow you a better idea of the sizes and materials you see pixelated at your favorite online shoe store.

Whether you choose to shop online or at a physical store, you will want to be sure that the store you are at has a good return policy. This way you will be able to size up or exchange the shoes if you find they are not the right size within a certain time-frame.

On the other hand, if you find that a specific shoe has ticked all the boxes, you have found something amazing. Feel free to grab a few pairs from that model selection for an enduring style and comfort that becomes part of your personal professional expression. Unless, variety is your personal expression and shoe shopping your passion, in which case completely disregard that last point.

How important is Arch Support for Stand-up Desk Shoes?

This is another point where you will want to pay close attention to what your body is telling you. This means that you will want to investigate the arches of your feet and consider your needs accordingly. You could see for yourself by stepping on brown cardboard or a newspaper with slightly wet feet.  If the midsection is wider you have low arches, if it is very thin, high arches.

Depending on your findings, you may find certain inserts can add extra support and comfort to your walking and standing. But, maybe not. Clinical studies have still not come up with a decision on this matter. But, according to one notable expert in orthotics, Dr. Benno M. Nigg, it is not bad to have flat feet at all and the real key is strengthening the muscles of the foot and leg.

Despite expert opinions on both sides of the debate, the consumer should only be concerned with one thing: personal comfort. Dr. Nigg also uses a standing desk and is the better for it. He recommends the softest socks and a soft standing mat as well, but also mentions that this is not the right choice for everyone. The most important thing to consider when preparing for many hours of standing is the comfort of your feet.

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