INTERVIEW: TRAUMA Talks Tour and More

Hi Guys welcome to VENTS! how have you been?

Hello VENTS… Thanks for having us!. It is an honor. We are all doing okay during the times we are currently in. We hope you and everyone else are doing well also. We miss playing, but at the moment we all have to do what is right for one another.

Having been on music circuit for 4 decades now what would you say has been the thing that you have learned that has helped the band to move in a positive direction.

Its been that long??? I guess so.. Most of us over the years have played in many other bands and recorded records with other people during this time. As far as TRAUMA is concerned what we have learned is happy with what you have now. Meaning, times have changed a lot. The business is different, touring is different. In other words it is best to have low expectations on things.That may or may not make any sense but if you set yourself up for hoping for big things, it may not happen, so enjoy the journey. Especially as long as the members of TRAUMA have been at it. This way of thinking also helps us all be positive in playing live and writing music. It has to be fun.

As music evolves, have you felt the need to evolve along? is it hard to stay truth to your own sound?

Yes, We do listen to other bands. Also what is interesting now is the production aspect of recording music. It has come along way since 2″ tape. However, We are not ones to copy the current trend. TRAUMA is a Bay area Thrash Metal band.Nothing more.nothing less.We do what we like, Play what we like and hope the fan’s like what we do. We do try to stay one foot in the past and one foot in the present. However sometimes that doesn’t alway work. Its about what feels good when you play a song. 

With the 80’s making a comeback- has this proven to be positive for you guys?

I didn’t know the 80’s is on a comeback?. If that is true Great!. Except for all the Hair metal Bands. Some where great, Some not..TRAUMA was around at this time and didn’t fit in all too well. Too Heavy or you guys are too loud is what we heard. Those were some crazy times…If those days are on a comeback? i don’t think it will be to the level that it was all those years ago. I mean the scene was crazy. In San Francisco music was playing 7 nights a week to large crowds at The Stone, Keystone Berkely, The Omni, The Old Waldorf, And many others. Now it is not that way unfortunately.The scene was crazy all over the US. Great time to be in a band! plus the record labels had big budgets back then as well.

This fall you will set on a tour with Burning witches and ross the boss – how did this come about?

Yes, We are very hopeful that this tour comes to light!. We were honored to be a part of the tour package. Covid-19 is the only issue of it not happening. However, We are hopeful it works out. Safety first!. Our Manager suggested us and Ross the Boss and Burning Witches thought it would be a good fit. That is kind of how it came about.2 really great bands!. It will be a great tour. Lots of fun!.

Was the tour set before the whole Covid happen?

Yes, the covid thing was going on, However, The tour was supposed to happen in April 2020, then it got postponed till November- December. Most of the dates had been booked for a long time, So they were all moved. We really hope that these dates will be on!. It is looking good at the moment, but with this pandemic happening who really knows?. We are monitoring the situation day by day.

How has this affected the band and the the way you are playing on stage?

We have never seen anything like this before. All of us in TRAUMA are doing okay getting by. We hope that this will pass for everyone soon. It has been a real eye opener in terms of many things that were affected by this pandemic. (It isn’t over yet either) We haven’t played live since our last show in January opening for Metal Allegiance in Anaheim ca. Soon after the pandemic hit and everyone just quarantined at home. As far as live goes? Thats a good question. We are going to have to be careful.

So I am guessing with this probably going then it means there would not be any live collaboration?

Just as I said before, we are just going to have to be careful on everything we do, playing live, traveling, meeting people etc.And especially making certain the fans don’t get sick. It is going to be some time before the really BIG shows come back with the ultra large crowds. 

What has been the most challenging aspect of this tour?

Well, We are just in there planning stages at the moment.So far so good. If anything, is the unknown, if it will get postponed again into 2021. TRAUMA really wants to play live in Europe and elsewhere. We are hopeful that this will be a go. Only time will tell if it is safe enough for everyone. The rest of the tour is just routine. Flying to Germany may be a bit challenging at this time?. We will have to see. 

What else is happening next in the bands world?

we are in the process of recording a new album. We are going to use Juan Urtega at Trident studios who just did the latest Testament album along with several Machine Head recordings.We are excited to hear what we have been working on nice and loud!.At the moment we are swapping demos with each other. This process is very important and time consuming,. As soon as we all agree on a particular arrangement, as long as everyone is comfortable ,we will play them live in a studio to refine the tracks even more. So during this time of no shows, Trauma is using the time to write and record new music. Other than that there isn’t a whole lot else going on. Most musicians, bands we know are doing the same thing as we are. Kinda boring, but we all need to take care of everybody. We are hopeful things will get back to some kind of normalcy soon. Mostly planning live dates and things for 2021.

Final note:
We would like to THANK YOU! so much for having interest in TRAUMA. Without fan’s and people like you, this would not be possible!. We wish everyone, happier days to come for all!. These are some extremely strange times for everything. Thanks God! there is a lot of recorded music, videos etc for all to enjoy. TRAUMA hopes to see everyone safe and healthy very soon. HORNS UP!!! 

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