• Hi Kofi, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I’m doing great. And it’s a pleasure to be having a conversation with you guys 

  • Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Kyere Me”?

Well, “Kyere Me” is a Highlife/Afrobeats kinda infused song. A little bit of the old and the new. And it talks about me looking for love, with all the questions and doubts that come in my head. Wondering if that person I’ll find will lay it all down for me in the name of love.

  • Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

I relate to the song on a very personal level – to do with both Love and Friendship. Because in life there are people that will come your way with love as a camouflage to gain something from you. I pondered on all those type of relationship mistrust and got it in a love song. 

  • How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

Will start by giving a big shouts to Prince Dovlo (the video Director) and Ms. Hildigard Biamah Ofori who came about with the concept for bringing that vision alive. It was shot over a course of a day.

And we wanted to bring out that lonely/melancholic vibe portraying an individual searching for someone or a sense of belongingness. And it worked out perfectly fine. The beautiful songstress “S3fa” my counterpart on the song also did her magic to make the set a smooth one. 

Fun Fact: We used a real fire and I almost got burnt in the middle of the shoot LOL. I couldn’t stand the heat. 

  • The single comes off your new album The Truth – what’s the story behind the title?

I did THE TRUTH EP to make a broad statement of who I am and what I stand for. It’s my first tape so I had to announce my presence in every bit of style and influence I find myself in. Some sort of a genesis or the starting point of all that is to be. It’s a statement to free myself from the ideology of the masses to box every rapper into a certain type of corner that makes them not to try any other sound aside HipHop. The Tape has a little bit of Rap, HipHop, Highlife, Afrobeats, House Music, Techno, Afro-fusion, Reggae/Dancehall inspired feels. 

I see myself as an idea, and that idea is I can be whoever I want to be on a song. Flowing like water and taking the shape of whatever beat or sound I find myself on. The Truth is to be unlimited. It’s also an Acronym for (Transforming Rhythms Under Thousand Hours ) T.R.U.T.H with 1,000 Hours being the Intro. The rest of the songs from Track 2 flows into different genres and a sequence/stroyline from Track 3 to 5 

  • How was the recording and writing process?

I wrote all the songs on the EP over a course of three months but we later had to make some new additions to it. We had songs that no longer served the theme of the EP so we took them off and replaced them with what you’re hearing now. 

And from the start I decided to write all the songs from the soul. Either rapping or singing, it has to be from a deep place within other than just making a song, and it really worked for me – from songs about the Hustle, Struggle, Love, Affection and the Joy of overcoming hardships. All the songs were produced in my label studio (GADone Studios) and engineered by Trino and Aaron Dugud who are both in-house producers of my Label. All songs were also written by me.

  • What role does Africa play in your music?

Africa is the root for me, it’s the foundation from which all the other genres I do originate.

I have a vision to revolutionize African Music, in that way I can bring up a new genre as a form of a branch that grows from the original tree which is African Music.

  • Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

I’m hugely inspired by life and nature in general. And just by me paying attention to what I feel, see and hear around me. The clues are always in the day to day movements. And as an artiste I am also a sort of commentator of life. It will mean putting yourself in the shoes of other characters you want to write about.

  • Any plans to hit the road?

Earlier we had plans to go on THE TRUTH EP TOUR, but postponed due to the pandemic. But we are still working around the clock and will hit road once things are calm and freedom on showmanship is restored. 

  • What else is happening next in Kofi Jamar’s world?

Well, a whole lot. I got a video coming up for one of the songs on the just released EP and it’s slated to be released on June 5. Some great collaborations in the pipeline as well. I’m also gearing up for my Debut Album which drops later this year or early 2021 so I’m trying to find as much inspirations I can.

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