How Important Is A Chill Area On Your Offices

Ping-pong tables, beanbag seats, a functioning kitchen, and TV rooms are now common to find in a modern workplace. It would have been hard to find this in any office a decade ago. This rapid shift has been largely influenced by the demand to have an enhanced working life by the modern worker. That is the reason why coworking spaces have not been left behind. For instance, most coworking spaces in Chicago are redesigning the working areas to include chill-out areas in a bid to attract the modern worker. The question remains, are all these for the workers benefit, or does the workplace also stand to gain? If you are in a tussle whether to include a chill area in your office or not, the points below will have you changing your mind:

1.      Talent retention

The modern employee is after job satisfaction. In addition to other amenities, he wants a workplace where he enjoys waking up to. A chill-out area can greatly influence how an employee perceives a workplace. Most employers measure performance by how long an employee stays at his desk, and this is the mindset employees are running from. A chill-out area will tell him that it is okay to take a break. In this era where businesses are in a war for the best talents, workplaces have to match up with the modern employees’ demands if they are to gain a competitive edge in this area. Hiring and training new talents is expensive and that is why retaining talents is critical for any business.

 2.      Increases productivity

 Happy and healthy employees translate to increased productivity. We all know that working for long hours can adversely affect the back and neck, and thus lowering productivity. By allowing employees to take breaks from their desks, you are ensuring that their backs and necks are staying healthy. A few minutes off the screen is also essential in keeping the eyes healthy. In addition, a chill-out area helps the employees change the scenery and catch a break from working on a stressful project. Just being able to relax is enough to relieve stress, refresh the mind and rejuvenate the body. A chill-out area improves creativity, and a stressful project can turn out to be easy after a relaxing break.

 3.      Enhances teamwork

 Good workplace relationships are essential if a business desires to influence teamwork within the workforce. Moreover, there is no better place to cultivate these relationships than a chill-out area in the office. When employees are confined behind a desk, interactions are minimized. At the chill-out, however, the setup encourages communication. Employees are able to switch off from work and engage in conversations that grow their relationships. They get to be free with each other, and the need to help one another in difficult tasks flows naturally in the workplace.

4.      Encourages employees participation

 Company meetings held in the conference room seem serious and might even limit employee participation. A chill-out area on the other hand provides a relaxing environment away from the stresses of the office. If the managers want to encourage employees to air their views on particular issues or projects, the chill-out area poses a perfect alternative from the conference room. They say that creativity flows when the mind is relaxed, creative solutions are bound to come from employees when the meeting is held at the chill-out area. In addition, everyone feels included as part of the team as participation is not limited.

 5.      Allows alternative workspace

 From non-stop ringing phones to loud conversations and noisy printers, the office can have endless distractions. This can pose a challenge for an employee who needs the quiet to have ideas flowing for a task. A chill-out area in the office provides a perfect workspace that he or she can hibernate to and get work done. The ability to change the scenery and work in a relaxing setup is also a plus because creativity gears will be rolling, and tasks will be completed without much struggle.


 A chill-out space spells to the employee that his or her wellbeing and happiness is valued. And to the employer, employees’ wellbeing is essential in driving productivity as it reduces laxity and absenteeism. Besides, a chill-out area in the office is among the amenities the modern employee will be looking for in an ideal workspace.

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