Different types of tiles for construction

Nowadays, tiles have become an essential part of every building as it plays a crucial role in projecting the interior designs of a building. It all started in the 21st century; earlier tiles were thought to be a luxury. Now, maybe the aesthetic senses have bloomed, and people are more interested in decorating their house naturally, which means during construction.

The tile and the ceramic market have flourished a lot over the decade, and the increased demand for tiles and the scientific research on various constituents used in making tiles have convinced the manufacturers to create numerous roofing types. Each type of tile has got a separate usage; for example, if someone is encaustic tiles, then they are probably trying to portray a more middle eastern look at their house; these are a sort of antique tiles. However, he would probably think of regular ceramic tiles for someone concerned about the water leakage in his bathroom.

The wide variety of tiles has made it challenging to choose, especially when it comes to the designing and the outlook of a building. I would instead prefer to think a bit more pragmatically when buying tiles. One must think of several other features while picking up tiles for his house or office.

Ceramic tiles

You might have heard about Ceramic tiles as they are commonly used tiles all over the world. The sole reason for such high usage is the ease of fixing and using these tiles. Unlike other tiles, you can clean a ceramic tile more quickly, without using any detergents. Ceramic tiles are available in glazed and unglazed forms; both have their usage, so the buyers must buy them according to their needs. The smooth ceramic tiles would give a shiny look while the unglazed ones would be suitable for the floor.

Porcelain tiles

If you want to give a stony look at your buildings and rooms, you need the porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles can perfectly emulate the wood and stone look, another benefit of having these tiles on your walls is the weather-resistance; these tiles would not wear-off in extreme weather. The only set back is the installation of these tiles that is a complex and challenging task.

Cement tiles

Are you in love with designs and patterns? Then cement tiles are here for quenching the thirst. These tiles are available in any design you want; you name it. Usually, these tiles are best for decorating floors, but having it on a high-traffic area would not be a good idea. Moreover, you will need to reseal and polish these tiles every year to sustain its beauty.

Limestone tiles

You might have heard about limestones, these tiles are made up of calcium carbonate, and this natural compound gives an ancient look to the walls. If you are picking up limestone tiles, you must also think of resealing them after regular intervals.

Glass tiles

For having grandeur and lavish look to your place, you can add a few patches of glass tiles that are easy to clean and install. However, the major drawback of glass tiles is their durability, they will not last long, and there will be a risk of chipping from the edges. 

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