5 Things You Need to Know About Outplacement Services

An increasing need for outplacement services has been unprecedented in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. While economists expect some of the lost jobs to come back online quickly, many others won’t.

In the following article, we’ll be looking at the five things you absolutely must know about them, both as an employer and as a displaced worker. Let’s begin! 

1. Outplacement Services Benefit the Company and the Former Employee

From a surface perspective, you may be wondering how an extra service that costs money is going to help your company or your displaced workers. Considering the two-sided benefit a little further, however, makes it abundantly clear.

As a company offering outplacement services to furloughed or laid-off employees, you’re showing that you care about what happens to the people in your care even if it no longer makes business sense to keep them employed. From the former employee’s perspective, outplacement assistance means getting back to work sooner and having support in the transitional process.

2. They Also Garner Employee Loyalty

Another factor about job outplacement services that people tend to overlook is the message they send to “surviving” employees. In essence, those who remain feel edified that you found them essential enough to the business to keep them on board. Additionally, you win their loyalty further by showing them that, should worst come to worst, you’ve got their back even in the event of a layoff. 

3. They Are Good for Image Repair

As a company forced to shed jobs, an outplacement program can help you foster positive relations internally and externally. Putting one in place, according to this article, can reduce the likelihood of retaliatory lawsuits as well. It also can boost your image in the public eye and serve as a way to turn public relations in your favor despite having to make a tough decision.

4. Outplacement Handles Emotional Needs

Outplacement services aren’t just about finding a displaced worker a new job. They’re also about handling the emotional side of unemployment as well.

One of the overlooked outplacement benefits is that they help displaced workers to see the situation as an opportunity rather than a setback. They do this through counseling and guidance when it comes to finding new employment or job training. 

5. They Help Support Communities and Industries

The final thing you should know about the outplacement advantages that exist is the ways that these services contribute to the community and industrial support. Displaced or unskilled workers are never a good thing.

Through job placement, unemployment counseling, and skills retraining, outplacement services help individuals, companies, and communities to find a way to work for the greater good. Healthy employees and industries make for healthier communities. 

Outplacement Is a Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Let’s be clear. It’s never a good thing in the short term when a worker loses a means of support. However, outplacement services provide a bridge from unemployment and bad PR to new employment and being seen as a community partner. 

Best of luck as you further explore this advantageous path. For more employment tips and information, check out some of our additional posts!

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