10 Biggest Casino Wins in South Africa

A lot of people are winning millions of rands from the progressive jackpots and slot machines. Offline and online casinos are always incorporated with some incredible games that come with a chance to win a lot of money.  If you are living in the South Africa, then you will able to find a lot of online and offline casinos where you can win the money.  If you are looking for online casinos, we recommend you checking out Kiff Slots. A brand-new casino listing that only are listing ZAR casinos for a smooth gambling session.

In order to win a lot of money, then you will have to adopt a smart approach.  To become a billionaire, then you will have to learn about a specific game.  If you want to become a proficient gambler, then you should take the assistance of a player who has already won a lot of jackpots in the game. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we are going to discuss the big casinos wins in South Africa.

  • 10 Million Jackpot

Recently a 54 year old Parow resident Klaus Barnard has won 10 million Jackpots. It was considered as one of the biggest wins in the hosiery. Actually, he was already attending a particular function with his beloved wife. He thought to try luck on the slot machines before going into the bed.  Firstly, he has collected a particular word bonus on a free spin.  He chooses a particular box and saw that it was money number x3 that automatically went to x5. After that, I have realized that I can win 10 million jackpots.  He is regularly visiting the casino. This player has won 10 million dollars with its smart approach in South Africa.

  • 40 Million dollar

It was evening in the South Africa, Kerry packer won almost 40 Million in the Jackpot and became the richest man. He won money in the Playing progressive Jackpot slot. It is considered as fruit slot machine that is well known as Arabian Knights.

  • $15.1 Million

There are a lot of blackjack masters are available, and Don Jonson is one of them who have won 15.1 Million in the tournament.  Mr. Johnson has negotiates the special rules with dealers; that’s why he won millions of dollars in the casino.  There are so many casinos are out there that are offering the high-rollers that come with 10% paybacks. This person has managed to earn 20% paybacks. He is really skillful to earn $15.1 million from 3 casinos in 6 months.

  • 17.8 Million – John Heywood

John Heywood is a soldier from South Africa, and he won 17.8 million in the Mega Moolah Prize by September 2018. It is considered as the largest jackpot that is won by John Heywood.

  • 18.9 Million – Anonymous

Recently, a gambler has won 18.9 million dollars in a specific jackpot at an online slot machine game. Such a lucky person becomes multi-millionaire by winning this amount. He won a 75 percent amount from the mobile phone within 5o spins. It is considered as larges Mega Moolah.

  • 21 Million dollars

Nowadays, the casino industry has become a bigger business in a country like South Africa. They are contributing a lot of money to the economy every year. It is also benefiting to the gamblers because they are earning millions of dollars from several jackpots, slot machines, poker, and other games.  Video poker, blackjack, and other forms of gambling are proven to be great, where gamblers have won more than 30 million dollars. Elmer Sherwin has won almost 21 million dollars in the slot machine championship.

  • 8.9 Million

71 Year Old Amy Nishimura has won Jackpot 8.9 Million in the slot machine.  She has started a game with 100 dollars and becomes a billionaire. It is the first largest bet that is won by a person in the South Africa.

  • 21.14 Million – Elmer Sherwin

Gambling requires some planning. You will have to create a strategy that will help you in winning a lot of money.  This list isn’t complete without Elmer Sherwin, who has won 18.93 Million in the Jackpot at a casino. He was 92 years old who have won such a jackpot.  He is a billionaire of the South Africa.

  • 22.6 Million – Johanna Heundl

You will find so many people become billionaires in the Casino, and Johanna Heundl is one of them who becomes a millionaire in the casino. She has won $22.6 Million dollars in Megabucks. This player has spent $170 in the casino. After that, she won $22,618,156.67 in the tournament.  She won more than 27 million dollars.

  • 40 Million – Archie Karas

There are so many high-stakes gamblers are available in the world, and Archie Karas is one of them who won almost 40 Million dollars in Poker game. He won more than 2 million dollars within $50. This player has won almost 40 Million dollars in the South African casinos.

These are some gamblers who have become millionaires in the casinos.  It has become a new era of gambling where gamblers are already winning.  If you want to become a millionaire, then you don’t have to go offline casinos. Nowadays, there are so many online casinos are out there where you can easily make a lot of money. Therefore, you don’t have to pay lots of extra bills over there. It will surely be able to save you lots of time.

Why are South African online casinos popular?

You will find players from South Africa have so many great options. They will able to play their favorite game like Roulette, poker, slot machines, and others. They are also offering bonuses to their native players.  There are so many South African players are out there who have won millions of dollars from the online casinos. Some casinos are providing bonus offers on a regular basis. If you are also living in South Africa and want to become a millionaire in the casino, then it is your responsibility to invest proper time in the learning. Make sure that you are choosing a trustworthy online casino where you can earn a lot of money with ease.

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