Online Slots: Everything you need to know

The race for creating the biggest and best online slots is an ongoing battle that is highly competitive. In more recent years one particular slot provider has moved to the forefront when it comes to making the most innovative slots for customers to play.

This company is Big Time Gaming, and through their insight into the ever changing world of online gambling, they have shaped the future of how we can expect to play slots online.

Innovation is key to BTG who operate out of Sydney Australia, and with this in mind they created a gaming mechanic called Megaways™. This was completely unique and different to what anybody within the iGaming industry had seen before.

2016 was in fact the birth of the Megaways™ pay mechanic and it was included in the slot Dragon Born Megaways™. From this moment onwards Big Time Gaming would write themselves in slot folklore and go on to produce more Megaways™ Slots that include White Rabbit Megaways™ and Bonanza Megaways™.

With the competition completely blown away it was only a natural response for other developers to try and copy the success that BTG had seen. This led to a number of pay mechanics that held a striking resemblance to Megaways™ but were never in the same league.

What this did do however was make certain developers want to get their hands on the Megaways™ mechanic for themselves. Big Time Gaming duly complied with this request and licensed the mechanic out to several operators who could now apply the mechanic to their games.

BTG have since developed more games within this niche, but ever the company who are looking innovate, they have now produced a brand new gaming engine that is set to take the world by storm.

Megaclusters™ is the new mechanic that is set to feature on the slot Star Clusters Megaclusters™ in June 2020. This game takes on the theme of a cluster pays slot, but takes it to a whole new level.

The expectation is that this new mechanic will dwarf the success of Megaways™ and once again rival providers will look to get their hands on the license to make these games for themselves.

Highly detailed information about Big Time Gaming can be located at the fan site bigtimegamingfreeplay, this includes all Megaways™ slots, and Megaclsuters information.

Keep your ears open for more details about this highly successful slot developer, they are key players within the iGaming industry, and it’s only expected that they will become more influential as time goes on.

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