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INTERVIEW: Chicago Med Actress Jessy Schram Talks New Hallmark Movie & More

Hi Jessy, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hi! I’m hanging in. We’re living in a very intense and important time right now!

Not only an actress, but a musician – was acting always your main passion or were you drawn into this world?

I would say performing has always been part of me. Since I was little I was singing, using my imagination and performing in all the ways that I could, wherever I was. I always wrote poetry and songs and the acting world was something that kept opening up for me.

How would you say your background in music has help you with your acting and the other way around?

They definitely go hand in hand so many ways! I think for music, one feels and emotes from your own heart and experiences and sometimes having an acting background helps to portray or go deeper into a story. In acting, you’re taking a character/story and putting yourself in those shoes. Having a musical background helps with timing and the ability to match rhythms. Music also helps to connect a character to feeling and emotions because it’s so powerful. So really, to me, acting and music blend so well together and help in ways that are obvious and also completely unassuming!

In regards to your acting, you will soon go back home aka Hallmark Channel “Country At Heart” – what was it like to work again at a film for the network?

I absolutely loved working on Country at Heart. The music isn’t the backdrop of the movie, it’s the driving force, so it was such a treat and challenge to bring the character and story to life. I love getting to work with Hallmark because the fans love the movies so much and always express how the movies touch their lives. I love getting to be part of the happiness that the audience receives.

Being familiar with most of the team and the tone of the channel, was it easy for you as an actress to understand and prepare for the role?

I’d say, because I’ve worked with them before, it was somewhat easy for me to read the script with the Hallmark tone and intention in mind. To make sure to bring hope to a storyline that can feel stressful or depressed at times, because of their formula, I know where to bring in the light where sometimes it can go dark.

Like I mentioned you are an artist yourself, and I guess you have fallen in love with other musicians – so did the whole plot feel any familiar?


Well, I fall in love with musicians and their music but it hasn’t been a romantic thing. I haven’t had this scenario happen. Whenever there’s collaboration, a bond can happen between creatives and that can be really inspiring and special. So the personal growth and friendship through music part of Country At Heart, is something I’m familiar with.

Would you say you get to pour more of yourself into Shayna than any other character?

I felt a real connection with Shayna. I think because of my own experience, being an actor most of my life, I was able to connect to her story of “making it” in the business. The entertainment industry is hard and when you put your life into being a part of it, it can be exhausting and bumpy at times. When we meet Shayna, she’s lost faith in herself and is needing to find her confidence and reignite the passion she has for music. I’ve definitely been in that emotional space before and like Shayna, have found that everything I think I need, I already have and sometimes you need a quick breather to be able to see things clearly.

I am guessing this role was definitely much easier for yourself to play than Hannah at Chicago Med? Was the transition from this rather complex character to a much carefree, and less troubled person as Shayna pretty smooth?

They’re definitely VERY different characters! Because it’s two completely different story lines it’s easy to separate the two and tackle each one as their own. But Shayna is for sure an easier character to portray because a lot of her world and nature lines up with my everyday life.

Keeping on the music discussion – can you tell us more about your new single “Do I Dare”?

Do I Dare is a song about daring to fall, to move forward when you know you can’t go back once you do. This song comes from a friendship that grows stronger in romantic feelings and the fear of ruining what you already have by moving forward. The reality is that going deeper with them is worth the risk, and you’re not alone, they’re right there with you.

Do you plan to release any sort of video for the single?

I plan to release an official lyric video that’s animated by artist Veronica Belcheva. I’m beyond excited to have her talents involved and share what she created alongside the song.

 Does the new single mean we can expect a new album or more material?

That’s certainly the plan! I’m taking it one step at a time and rounding out what I want to put into the world.

What else is happening next in Jessy Schram’s world?

There’ll definitely be more music and more projects that mean something to me. Quarantine has shifted plans and projects and expectations, so I’m looking forward to seeing what forges ahead next.

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