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How To Remove Image Background Without Photoshop

Whether it be a small blog or business owner, a web designer, a graphic designer or a marketer, working with images has seemingly become a daily chore. The most amazing thing about the internet is that it continues to make our lives easier. With virtual cues coming to hold immense importance in recent years, many websites have started providing tools for refining visual material. 

Keeping the vast market domain in mind, websites cater to fulfilling the basics of photo editing, which includes slight touch-ups, adding filters, cropping and resizing images. However, as one advances in the field of image editing, or as the nature of one’s job increases in difficulty, there arises a need to have more than just basic editing options and skills.

For better understanding, imagine you have a photograph from which you wish to remove the background, in order to put it on another one. Especially in these quarantined times, who wouldn’t want their social media to pop with pictures of exciting adventures? Expert photo editors would be able to get this done in 5 minutes tops, but what about a regular person, who has no knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or other high-end photo editing softwares?

Now here comes the great news- you don’t need to learn how to use any complicated softwares, all thanks to Artificial Intelligence! Technology has surely advanced, and all for the better. Sounds wacky, doesn’t it? Who would have thought this feature is something that would grow to be so popular? But luckily, where a need arises, the internet provides. 

There are countless websites catering to removing the background of images without any prior knowledge or skill. AI distinguishes the focal person/object from the background and extracts it, all with a transparent background, so that the extracted image can be put on any other background, as required. Just pick out the image that needs to be edited, upload it on the website and wait for it to work its magic. 

Here are three of the most popular background removal websites on the internet, with a breakdown of their pros and cons.

  1. SocialBook Background Remover
Before And After background change

SocialBook markets itself as a website which is specifically designed for people cut-out. This includes an exchange of image backgrounds for use on Instagram, Facebook or any other social media platform. Extracted images can easily be used on any digital material including YouTube thumbnails, holiday cards, social media posts, etc.  It boasts an automatic feature, which requires only uploading the image on the website, and waiting for the AI to do its job. 

The interface, true to its description on the website, is ‘Simple’ and ‘Easy’ to use. It is also completely free of cost and is open to use to individuals, business marketers and designers alike. The website provides close to perfect precision, with smooth edges around the extracted image, with a transparent background, enabling it to blend in perfectly when added on top of any other image. 

However, the result of the image decreases slightly after having its background removed, and is not of HD quality. The processing time also tends to increase as the size of the image increases. Moreover, images that are over 5mbs in size cannot yet be handled by it and hence, do not attain any results on the website. A simple way around this is to firstly compress your picture online, with any website to make it smaller in size.

  1. Background change is another website, which flaunts its AI in the form of an automatic feature, which instantly removes backgrounds from images. It is currently one of the most popular websites on the internet for editing out backgrounds from images. The reason for this is its close-to-perfect results, all for free. Currently, it can handle images of up to 5mbs.

The website does not brand itself for a specific purpose, rather it inculcates and facilitates all kinds of users, whether they may be regular individuals, photographers, marketers, developers or even car dealership owners. Talk about being all inclusive!

Like SocialBook, also drops the image resolution after extraction, however to a very great extent. The images are far from HD quality and are not printable, but are good enough to be used on digital images. This is also where the monetizing part about the website comes in as charges its users $8-$710 per month, depending on the amount of images that will be edited, in exchange for providing HD quality extracted images. The breakdown of the cost amounts to $0.09-$0.20 per image, the price decreasing as the image quantity per month increases. 

Another feature which the website boasts is its integration feature. It works through tools and plugins developed for and caters to different eCommerce websites and design softwares, in order to bring efficiency into the user’s workflow.

There exists an extra touch up feature as well through which, in case the AI misses some spots, omissions can be erased manually by the user. 

  1. ClippingMagic
Clipping magic background change

In the event that you need to sell things on the web, ClippingMagic lets you upload an enormous number of pictures in bulk, and extract images from their backgrounds in just one click! Since uploading and preparing pictures on the platform takes quite a bit of time, you generally need a steady connection to ensure that your effort does not go to waste. You can upload and alter any number of pictures your heart desires. However, the download option is only made available to subscribed users. A subscription on the website can set one back $3.99-$19.99, depending on whether a Light, Standard or Pro subscription is required. 

However, the precision of the clipping tool is inferior to the other two tools. If you compare the result above, it leaves the background spot out on the right side, while both SocialBook and removed the background completely. The resolution of the extracted image is often quite low, to the point that it might not look pleasing, even when placed on attractive backgrounds. This is especially unfortunate since the website is not free and requires a subscription in order for the image to be downloaded. Even if exclusive to subscribed users, better resolution should be made available on the website.

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