How To Background Check Your Date 2020 (Without Being A Stalker)

In this world of over 7 billion people that we live in, finding a date has become increasingly difficult. Finding the right person to date might often look like a chore. That’s why many people sort out to online dating platforms an attempt to find their soulmate, or maybe just a person to spend some time with.

But chatting with a complete stranger online comes with it’s own dangers. That’s why many people try to find some information about their date online.

Here are some steps that you can follow to background check your date online, without being a stalker.

Try Using Google

Using google for a brief background check can help you in more than one ways. You can easily check for the online presence of your date by searching about them on google.

One great indicator of a stranger’s personality can be their social media accounts. If you find anything questionable, just be subtle and ask them about it before reaching any conclusions. When inquiring, look if they’re frequently lying. If they are, that’s a red flag.

If you’re concerned about their financial and professional side as well, you can check their LinkedIn profile and compare it with their company profile. If the company’s website says something different, you better stay away from them.

Use A Background Checking Service

If you aren’t satisfied after checking their professional profile, go ahead and use a background checking service to dig deeper. You can easily access and use a reliable online background check service for this.

These services can give you access to their personal information like criminal records, marriage status, address, contacts, social media profiles and many more in exchange of a minimal fee. All it’ll take is around 15 minutes and couple of bucks.

You don’t need to feel guilty, as this is public information anyways. For the background check to start, you’ll need the first and last name of your date and their state of residence. This is a great legal way of getting detailed personal information about a person.

Social Media Can Also Help

Checking out the social media accounts of your potential date is also a great way of finding more about him and his connections.

Everyone has social media accounts these days. Your date may also have everything from their private life listed on their social media profiles. So, that’s a great free way of knowing more about them before meeting them in person.

If they have posts on their social media that you consider inappropriate, try keeping away from them. Someone’s posts on social media describe who they are, so, beware of the toxic and inappropriate people.

What If You Find Nothing?

What if your date doesn’t have any social media profiles? Well, then you can assess their social behavior to see if they’ll make a good partner or not. Choose a partner who deals other with respect and cares for his loved ones.

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