Forgettable secrets of African Americans

It is not easy to make your worth, especially when you are belongs to a minority in any country. Although governments and authorities often take care of the human and minority rights, the officials are sometimes involved in creating mismanagement and trying to show the wrong image of any specific community. Here we must mention the recent incident with the Black People who are fighting for their fundamental rights. The local police brutally kill Their kids, women, and men in different countries at the same time.

You can check the current news of France and NY, why only Black people are arrested, punished, and killed by the authorities? Are they not human? Or some internal forces try to prove for something quite worse? The reason could be any, but they really need to get out of this mess. No matter which religion they belong to, they may be Jews, Christian, Muslims, or related to any other religion; they must get their fundamental rights. Here, we are going to discuss the newly published book that will open your mind about the faith, and you may get the answer to the Black people’s real worth. Let’s follow us.


This book is written by JEREMIAH JAEL ISRAEL, who wrote this book after the extensive research of Israelites. According to him, the black Americans are the Israelites, and the Bible confuses them enough that they can’t decide where to go and join which section.

Once he knows the reality of Israelites ancestors, he feels so amazed, and the main aim of writing all the details is to provide assistance to all the brothers and sisters around the globe. For some people, it may be unimportant, but for us, we just need to find our community’s lost worth. The author openly said that,

“People need to know the truth.  We hope this book will help lead our brothers and sisters in the right direction.”

This book is full of evidence and authentic information that is research by Jeremiah and Jael. The couple is happily married for the past 30 years and blessed with two beautiful daughters (who are also married now). By professional, Jeremiah is a retired fire-fighter, and Jael is a housewife.

Buying detail of the book:

If you are interested in buying this book, you can purchase it in any form, kindle, and paperback is available for you. The price of both types is different from each other as you will need to pay the followings:

Kindle version: $7.10

Paperback formats: $9.79

Moreover, you can check the official website of the couple where you can find more material. We assure you that after reading the book, you will get some answers to your questions. 

Official website link:

Kindle version of the book available on the following links:


Contact Info:

If you want to send mail, you must follow the contact information.

Jeremiah Jael Israel

Location- Atlanta, Ga

[email protected]


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