Why did you choose to cooperate with Transtek?

Transtek Brief

Transtek is a public company that has a market cap of $700 million, with 5 research labs and more than 400 research staffs. Transtek concentrates on Designing, Solution, Manufacturing, and selling top-notch medical machines to Europe, the United States, and Japan.

With great R&D abilities, huge scale creation limit and exacting QC system, Transtek has largely spent in research and development with attentions on technology revolution to more advance their competitive edge. Transtek provide the approved blood pressure monitor and smart scale items,they have become the attention in the RPM market.

The accomplishment behind the shipment of 90+ million units of product and health machines around the globe is the proof of Transtek consistent assembling power, just as the advancement capacity and brilliant assistance.  

In terms of provision, a whole product line for number pieces of blood pressure monitor, fitness tracker and smart health watch. Also, wide range abilities to explore and develop important and critical core algorithms, medically approved products, the big data platform, the process ability of the Internet, and many more. Additionally, Transtek has done much research and improvement in developing laboratories in the US, health equipment technology, and has qualified research groups in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

In these years, Transtek positioned as an RPM head of technology and development, to highlight the Transtek’s medical advantages. In addition to the manufacture of health tools, Transtek helps a lot of experts related to the health industry to done intelligent conversion, healthcare, and wellness management industry, with RPM remote patient monitoring industry, livestock feeding of sports drugs and smart wearable.

 The “Transtek Cloud”, depending on the organization’s 4 main abilities of ” independent research and development of core components and algorithms “,” global medical certification of full range of products “,” health big data and AI ” and ” multi-dimensional data fusion “, has delivered the hardware producers with combined intellectual hardware access to the system and intensely decreases the hardware access fee.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Transtek Blood pressure monitors are mainly used at home. Family health care has become a modern healthcare fashion for people. After the cuff is inflated and deflated, a standard BP reading will be captured. Connect the corresponding smartphone application and PC system via eMTC technology or 4G network , so that patients can store and track their readings, so they can monitor changes in their blood pressure. Share data in real time with family doctors, conduct health consultation anytime and anywhere, and improve happiness index.

Intelligent blood pressure monitor with many functions, like voice broadcast and LCD Backlight, is very suitable for special users in hearing and vision.

Why would I monitor my blood pressure at home?

The American Heart Association said that if anybody with high blood pressure should monitor their blood pressure at home. Monitoring blood pressure at home can be the best method of trending a person’s blood pressure in their location.

Remote patient monitoring Covid-19

Under the forbidding condition of the Coronavirus in the world these days, Transtek intensely did its social duty while giving 1500 pieces of medical-grade digital blood pressure monitors and the matching remote patient monitoring RPM system to the few of hospitals to support fight against  the of coronavirus. 

There medical remote patient management and monitoring system (RPM system) and digital blood pressure monitor can successfully decrease cross infection caused by other medical equipment, decrease the work of doctors, and increase clinical operators work effectiveness.
Also, Transtek has collaborated with many Doctors, collecting tens of thousands of specialized doctors all over the country to offer free online session service 7×24 hours. The free session don’t just offers online consultation facility for disease and other long-lasting diseases, however also offers respirational medical session facilities in common departments of infectious medicine / internal medicine and other hospitals. Free online consultation lets patients to discuss with doctors at home in a appropriate way, reducing the pressure of casualty and triage pre-screening, and decreasing needless hospital tours and cross-infection initiated by stays.

Transtek will always to pay consideration to the development of the endemic situation and offer more support for fight the spread of COVID-19. 

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