Perks of having golden doodle puppies

Goldendoodle is an attractive cross between the Golden Retriever and Poodle. They have an amazing appearance. They are famous for their good looks, a great playfulness, and intelligence. The cross is better called as a designer breed. The main purpose of this cross-breeding was to have amazing features and qualities of both the parents. Although they are a mix of two breeds, it is hard to know how much a parent inherits in their offspring. Goldendoodle puppies California are dogs with countless characteristics. Here are some of the reasons why to have Goldendoodle puppies.

Highly intelligent

The significant feature of Goldendoodles is that they are highly intelligent. The way they act and do their activities makes you feel like they are the nearly the same version of humans.

They can amaze you, and you may start thinking about how a dog could be so intelligent. Almost every breed of dogs are smart, but Goldendoodle is the smartest of all dogs.

They have an amazing ability to learn different things in comparatively no time. The most surprising thing they can learn is to ring a bell when they want to go outside. It is amazing how a dog could learn such a thing.

They can negatively use their intelligence because they are familiar with almost every way to grab your attention.

It is easy to train Goldendoodle dogs

Goldendoodle puppies do not only have good looks, but they are brilliant as well. They are a cross between the golden Retrievers and Poodle, probably the most intelligent dogs on the entire planet, so none of the other dogs can match their intelligence level. Their intelligence and smartness level has made it easy to train them. You can also look for a labradoodle breeder dog as they are easy to train too.

Goldendoodles are natural athletes

Goldendoodles are more boosted and are more likely to play with their owners. Moreover, they like to exercise. On the other hand, they also love to relax on the couch as they are sometimes lazy, though. However, as they are fond of exercise so they can spend quality time with active owners.

Usually, a Goldendoodle weighs around 50 to 100 pounds. They love to go on long runs, long walks, and hiking with their owners. If you prefer to bring your dog with you on outdoor activities and adventures, consider picking Goldendoodle because they can prove to be your best travel and adventure partners.

Goldendoodle are great partners

If you are searching for a best friend or have a bad day at the office, and want to get out of depression, all you need is to keep a Goldendoodle. Nothing can beat the level of happiness when you come tired from the office, and you see a little pup waiting for you at home. Goldendoodles love to stay near you. They like to lie near you, particularly during winters. As they have long curly hair, so it becomes difficult to lie beside you in hot summers. These puppies love to stay with you regardless of what you are doing.

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